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Our new address:

Punchbowl Hill

The Chan family home, Prospect Street, Honolulu

The cooling breath of a tradewind breeze...


Hibiscus flower in the moonlight...

The cooling breath of a tradewind breeze, carrying with it the subtle perfume of plumeria, gently sways the palms and rustles the glistening leaves of the algaroba trees that shade the house nestled on the upper slope of Punchbowl Hill above the bustling tropical city of Honolulu.  This house, now a museum, has been a home to the Chan family for decades.  So, please dear visitor, accept an unworthy yet heartfelt welcome to you, our honored guest!

Each room of this venerable old home will hopefully offer an opportunity to learn a few new facts about the life and work of illustrious detective and family patriarch Charlie Chan. Please feel free to wander through our small museum by using the links provided at the top of this and all of our pages, or, for more detailed information, you may prefer to begin your tour by first visiting our Directory.

If you would like to share your knowledge, opinions, or insights, or add information, you are invited to do so by dropping us a line though our mailbox below:

Also, please consider joining with us in our small but very friendly Chat Room each Monday evening beginning at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time, as we share our thoughts on another Charlie Chan film...and more.  There is always a chair for you at our humble table.
And, we have just added another place where we can share our thoughts and questions regarding Charlie Chan.  Please pay a visit to our Charlie Chan Family Message Board.


Which of the three Charlie Chan portrayals best matches your own temperment?
Warner Oland's Chan
Sidney Toler's Chan
Roland Winters' Chan

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Are you tired of the one-sided barrage of disinformational attacks that have recently been waged against Charlie Chan?  A new Internet site allows visitors to access information that flies in the face of the half-truths and outright fabrications used by the venerable detective's adversaries in their emotional campaign to discredit and slander Charlie Chan!  Please visit The Truth About Charlie Chan vs. the Myths, and then please share this information.



Many of us have had the privilige of seeing them when they were allowed to air on Fox Movie Channel: all 23 of the restored Fox Charlie Chan movies (24 if "Behind That Curtain," not a part of the Chan series proper, is included in the tally).  There has been talk for some time now regarding the possibility of these classic films being released for sale on DVD.  With the outlook for future television showings, either on FMC or elsewhere, shrouded in a dence fog of doubt, word has it that the time for 20th Century-Fox to produce the these Charlie Chan pictures in DVD format for public consumption is "now or never."
If you are interested in seeing these fine films commercially released on DVD, please consider writing a letter to Mr. Peter Staddon, Vice President of Marketing for 20th Century-Fox Home Entertainment.  Please let him know of your interest in Charlie Chan, and how, if 20th Century-Fox releases them on DVD, you would definitely like to purchase them, particularly if they were to be packaged in a reasonably priced set.  You may wish to inform Mr. Straddon of the considerable market for these films, and let him know that people are constantly buying less-than-perfect DVD and VHS copies of these movies in impressive numbers on eBay.
The main point writing a letter is to let it be known that the production of Charlie Chan DVDs would be a risk well worth taking by 20th Century-Fox Home Entertainment.  Your letter can be as short or as long as you wish, but please do write!  When you do so, please also consider mentioning that our good friend, Mr. Moto, deserves to have his movies released on DVD as well.
Please address your letters to:
Mr. Peter Staddon, Vice President of Marketing
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
2121 Avenue of the Stars, 25th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90028



"Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo" (Monday, 8pm EST)

Please join with us each Monday evening as we watch and discuss another Charlie Chan movie...TOGETHER!
This Monday, November 24, we will begin at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time, as we gather to watch "Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo," starring Warner Oland, together through the magic of synchronized VCRs or DVD players!  We begin playing our film at precisely 8:30, but, if you do not have access to a personal copy of the movie (video tape or DVD), please join with us anyway, as our conversation wanders from the film at hand to most any subject relating to Charlie Chan, and you WILL be included in all of the fun!
So, we hope to see you in our Chat Room this Monday evening, and as we say as our humble invitation, there is always a chair awaiting you, our honored guest...



NEW!  Please pay a visit, and more importantly, please add your insights, opinions, or ask a question or two at our Charlie Chan Family Message Board.   We in no way imagine that our humble Message Board could be, nor do we intend for it to be, the slightest "competition" for that best of all Charlie Chan boards,  Rather, we hope to provide a modest forum for those who wish to discuss that most honored of detectives, Charlie Chan.
NEW!  View a post card sent out by Charlie Chan to advertise his then-latest film in our Study!

You are invited to enjoy a continued adventure of Charlie Chan each week as you read another installment of our vintage Charlie Chan Sunday Comics.

Please look for the many new images, among over 600, that have been placed in our Gallery, and please consider our heartfelt invitation to join us each Monday evening at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Time in our Charlie Chan Family Chat Room as we view together and discuss another Charlie Chan movie!

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