Episode 5: Eye of the Idol 

Copyright 1972 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. 
Sound: RCA Sound Recording
Running Time: 20 minutes
First aired: October 7, 1972

Produced and Directed: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera

Associate Producer: Lew Marshall

Story Direction: Jim Carmichael, Jan Green, Earl Klein, Knick Knatz,

   Bill Perez, and Paul Sommer

Story: Sid Morse, Eddie Carroll, Jamie Farr, Willie Gilbert, Max Hodge,

   Mark Hammerman, Dennis Marx, Ray Parker, Henry Sharp, and

   Harry Winkler

Animation Director: Charles A. Nichols

Production Design: Iwao Takamoto

Production Supervisor: Victor O. Schipek

Layout: Jerry Eisenberg, Gary Hoffman, Jack Manning, Joel Seibel,

   Lin Larsen, Takashi Masunaga, and Tony Sgroi

Animation: Ed Love, Tony Love, Ron Campbell, Bill Hutton, and Bob Carr

Backgrounds: Walt Peregoy, Don Watson, Bill Butler, Marion Wallin,

   Daniella Bielecka, Cathy Patrick, Don Schweikert, and Bill McArdle

Titles: Iraj Paran

Technical Supervisor: Frank Paiker

Ink & Paint Supervisor: Jayne Barbera

Xerography: Robert "Tiger" West

Music Supervision: Don Kirshner

Sound Direction: Richard Olson and Bill Getty

Supervising Film Editor: Larry Cowan

Negative Consultant: William E. DeBoer

Post Production: Joed Eaton

Camera: Roy Wade, John C. Hall, Dick Blundell, and Norman Stainback


Keye Luke: Charlie Chan
Cynthia Adler: Voice
Gene Andrusco: Flip Chan
Jodie Foster: Anne Chan
Lisa Gerritsen: Various Characters
Johnny Gunn: Tom Chan
Bob Ito: Henry Chan
Beverly Kushida: Nancy Chan
Cherylene Lee: Suzi Chan/Mimi Chan
Don Messick: Chu-Chu
Michael Morgan: Scooter Chan
Hazel Shermet: Various Characters
Brian Tochi: Alan Chan
Janet Waldo: Various Characters
Len Weinrib: Stanley Chan           
Ron Duarte: Lead vocals for the Chan Clan band (not credited)            



A wealthy man from India has just arrived by ship with an idol containing a valuable jewel, The Eye of the Idol.  When a distraction results in the jewel being removed from the idol and stolen, Charlie Chan and the Chan Clan snap into action, sifting through a number of suspects.           


It's always nice to have a family reunion - but not in a police station. 
Don't worry, justice will prevail.


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