The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, a cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1972, aired on Saturday mornings on CBS television.  The series consisted of 16 half-hour episodes and featured Keye Luke, Charlie Chan's Number One Son in the Twentieth Century-Fox film series, as the voice of Charlie Chan.  The cartoons starred the Chinese detective who was assisted in his cases in a big way by his multitudinous clan of ten children, in order: Henry, Stanley, Suzie, Alan, Anne, Tom, Flip, Nancy, Mimi, and Scooter (plus their dog, a Pekingese named Chu-Chu).  This followed, in an expanded way, the established Charlie Chan movie formula of featuring one or more offspring, which fit in well with the Hanna-Barbera convention of that time of having kids often stumbling their way through the process of successfully solving mysteries and providing comedic moments along the way.  In another Hanna-Barbera cartoon norm of the time, a number of Chan's offspring comprised a band called The Chan Clan.  The family also had a "Chan Van," created by mechanical whiz, Alan, which could, with the press of a button, transform into another type of vehicle, following Hanna-Barbera's common use of mechanized gimmickry prevalent in many of their cartoons.  Other Hanna-Barbera traits abound such as the usual sound effects, laughter track, and visual gags.

Besides the already noted actor, Keye Luke, many of the other actors who provided voices for characters in The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan continued careers in acting, most notably Jody Foster who provided the voice of Anne Chan.  When originally produced, the series' characters featured voices provided by actors of Asian descent.  However, it was later decided to recast nearly all voices as it was felt that the thicker accents of the characters would prove to be confusing to younger viewers.  It is also interesting to note that the name "Henry" for Charlie Chan's Number One Son was carried over from the original Chan stories by Earl Derr Biggers.  Also, as was the case in the later phase of the Charlie Chan film series, there was no mention of a Mrs. Chan.          


The Amazing Chan...

...and the Chan Clan



Listed below are all 16 episodes of The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanTitles are in the form of links which lead to information, including a brief summary for each episode. 


Episode 1: The Crown Jewel Caper

Episode 2: To Catch a Pitcher

Episode 3: Will the Real Charlie Chan Please Stand Up?

Episode 4: The Phantom Sea Thief

Episode 5: Eye of the Idol

Episode 6: The Fat Lady Caper

Episode 7: Captain Kidd's Doubloons

Episode 8: The Bronze Idol

Episode 9: Double Trouble

Episode 10: The Great Illusion Caper

Episode 11: The Mummy's Tomb

Episode 12: The Mardi Gras Caper

Episode 13: The Gypsy Caper

Episode 14: The Greek Caper

Episode 15: The White Elephant

Episode 16: The Chan Clan at Scotland Yard


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