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WAGENHEIM, Charles (February 21, 1896; Newark, New Jersey - March 6, 1979; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum: Willie Fern 
The Scarlet ClueRausch           

Charles Wagenheim

Charles Wagenheim


WAGNER, Max (November 28, 1901; Torreon, Mexico - November 16, 1975; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Taxi Driver
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Joe
Charlie Chan in Panama: Soldier

Max Wagner


WALCOTT, George (October 1, 1914; California - August 18, 1964; Alameda, California) 
Murder Over New YorkFirst Mechanic

George Walcott


WALKER, Bill (January 18, 1917; Oregon - January 4, 1992; Lancaster, California) 
The Golden EyeGang Member


WALKER, Ray (August 10, 1904; Newark, New Jersey - October 6, 1980; Los Angeles, California) 
Dark AlibiDanvers

Ray Walker


WALKER, Wally (August 22, 1900; Missouri - August 7, 1975; Woodland Hills, California) 
Docks of New OrleansChauffeur


WALL, Geraldine (June 24, 1912; Chicago, Illinois - June 22, 1970; Woodland Hills, California)
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight: Harriett Green

Geraldine Wall


WALLACE, Fred (Peoria, Illinois; Active in films from 1930 to 1937) 
Charlie Chan in ParisDance Double


WALLACE, John (August 24, 1869; England - July 16, 1946; Los Angeles County, California) 
Dead Men TellPeg Leg 

John Wallace


WALLACE, Morgan (July 26, 1881; Lompoc, California - December 12, 1953; Tarzana, California)
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsHonorable Charles Zaraka

Morgan Wallace


WALTON, Douglas (October 6, 1910; Toronto, Ontario, Canada - November 15, 1961; New York, New York)
Charlie Chan in LondonPaul Gray (billed as Hugh Gray)


WANG, James (Jimmy Wang) (1863; Canton, China - April 20, 1935; Los Angeles, California)
The Black Camel: Wong
Charlie Chan's Chance: Kee Lin
Charlie Chan's Courage: Louie Wong           

James Wang


WANG, Richard (Active in films from 1932 to 1954) 
The Chinese RingHamishin


WARBURTON, John (October 20, 1887; Huddersfield, England - October 27, 1981; Sherman Oaks, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case: John Quincy Winterslip

John Warburton

John Warburton


WARD, Anthony (See: WARDE, Anthony)


WARDE, Anthony (November 4, 1908; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 8, 1975; Hollywood, California) 
The Chinese CatCatlen
Dark AlibiJimmy Slade           

Anthony Warde


WARDE, Shirley (January 23, 1901, New York, New York - October, 1991; Belize City, Belize) 
Murder Over New YorkMrs. Felton 


WARNER, H.B. (October 26, 1875; London, England - December 21, 1958; Woodland Hills, California)
Charlie Chan's Chance: Inspector Fife

H.B. Warner


WARREN, Gloria (Born: April 7, 1926; Wilmington, Delaware) 
Dangerous MoneyRona Simmonds

Gloria Warren


WARREN, Janet (Born: October 3, 1921; Santa Ana, California - January 6, 2008; Chatsworth, California)
The Jade MaskJean Kent
The Shanghai CobraLorraine

Janet Warren


WARWICK, Robert (October 9, 1878; Sacramento, California - June 6, 1964; West Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest CaseDan Winterslip
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackHonolulu Police Chief Inspector           

Robert Warwick


WASHINGTON, Blue (February 12, 1898; Los Angeles, California - September 15, 1970; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayDoorman at Hottentot Club
Charlie Chan in HonoluluSeaman 
Charlie Chan in RenoMan in Lineup 


WATKINS, Linda (May 23, 1908; Boston, Massachusetts - October 31, 1976; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan's Chance: Gloria Garland

Linda Watkins

Linda Watkins


WATKINS, Pierre (Pierre Watkin) (December 29, 1889; Sioux City, Iowa - February 3, 1960; Hollywood, California)
The Shanghai ChestJudge Westley Armstrong 


WATSON, Minor (December 22, 1889; Marianna, Arkansas - July 28, 1965; Alton, Illinois) 
Charlie Chan in ParisInspector Renard 

Minor Watson

Monor Watson


WAYNE, Billy (February 12, 1897; New Orleans, Louisiana - June 12, 1970; Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Smithers
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Electrician
Charlie Chan at the Olympics: Ship's Steward
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Reporter
Charlie Chan in HonoluluSeaman           

Billy Wayne


WEAVER, Marjorie (March 2, 1913; Crossville, Tennessee - October 1, 1994; Austin, Texas) 
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise: Paula Drake
Murder Over New York: Patricia Shaw (also known as Patricia West, Mrs. Paul Narvo)

Marjorie Weaver

Marjorie Weaver


WELDON, Robert (April 21, 1922; Tempe, Arizona - August 18, 2012; Dana Point, California) 
Dead Men TellSteve Daniels 

Robert Weldon


WHELAN, Arleen (September 1, 1916; Salt Lake City, Utah - April 7, 1993; Orange County, California) 
Castle in the DesertBrenda Hartford 

Arleen Whelan


WHITE, Lee "Lasses" (August 28, 1888; Wills Point, Texas - December 16, 1949; Hollywood, California) 
The Golden EyePete


WHITE, Leo (November 10, 1882; Graudenz, Germany - September 20, 1948; Glendale, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloFrench Butler 


WHITE, Marjorie (July 22, 1908; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - May 23, 1935; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan Carries On: Sadie Minchin
The Black Camel: Rita Ballou           

Marjorie White

Marjorie White


WHITEHEAD, Joe (October 14, 1922; Queens, New York - January 1, 1969; Bergen County, New Jersey) 
The Jade MaskDr. Samuel R. Peabody
The Sky DragonDoorman           

Joe Whitehead


WHITLEY, Crane (October 28, 1899; New York, New York - February 28, 1958; Los Angeles, California) 
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight: Dr. [William] Bonner
The Scarlet Clue: Cooper (alias Carper and Cauper)

Crane Whitley


WILDE, Poppy (December 5, 1914; Oakland, California - August 1, 2000; Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) 
Charlie Chan in Meeting at Midnight: One of Petroff's Girlfriends


WILLIAMS, Charles (September 27, 1898; Albany, New York - January 3, 1958; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Reporter #1
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Meeker

Charles Williams


WILLIS, Norman (May 27, 1903; Chicago, Illinois - January 27, 1988; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Gangster


WILTON, Eric (November 6, 1882; London, England - February 23, 1957; Los Angeles, California) 
Castle in the DesertWilson
Docks of New OrleansWatkins           

Eric Wilton


WINDHEIM, Marek (1894; Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire - December 1, 1960; New York, New York) 

City in DarknessTaxicab Driver 


WINTERS, Roland (November 22, 1904; Boston, Massachusetts - October 22, 1989; Englewood, New Jersey) 
The Chinese Ring: Charlie Chan
Docks of New Orleans: Charlie Chan
The Shanghai Chest: Charlie Chan
The Golden Eye: Charlie Chan (also posing as "Chan, dealer in Oriental curios")
The Feathered Serpent: Charlie Chan
The Sky Dragon: Charlie Chan


WITHERSPOON, Cora (January 5, 1890; New Orleans, Louisiana - November 17, 1957; Las Cruces, New Mexico) 
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseSusie Watson

Cora Witherspoon

Cora Witherspoon


WONG, Barbara Jean (March 3, 1924; Los Angeles, California - November 13, 1999; Tarzana, California) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluNumber Three Chan Daughter
The Red DragonIris ling 
The TrapSan Toy
The Chinese RingPrincess Mei Ling           

Barbara Jean Wong


WONG, Beal (Willie Wong; W. Beal Wong) (May 11, 1906; Los Angeles, California - February 6, 1962; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Reporter

Beal Wong


WONG, Iris (September 20, 1920; Watsonville, California - September 2, 1989; Honolulu, Hawaii) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluNumber Two Chan Daughter
Charlie Chan in RenoChoy Wong
Charlie Chan in RioLili Wong           

Iris Wong


WONG, Jean (See: WONG, Barbara Jean)


WONG, Jehim (March 6, 1910; California - August 3, 1969; Sacramento, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Ricksha Boy

Jehim Wong


WONG, Walter (Active in films from 1935 to 1936)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Waiter


WOOD, Allen (August 17, 1906; New York, New York - June 7, 1984; Scottsdale, Arizona)
Charlie Chan on BroadwayBellhop


WOOD, Helen (June 4, 1917; Clarksville, Tennessee - February 8, 1988; Burbank, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackAlice Fenton

Helen Wood

Helen Wood


WOODBURY, Joan (December 17, 1915; Los Angeles, California - February 22, 1989; Desert Hot Springs, California) 
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Exotic Dancer
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Opera Dancer
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Marie Collins
The Chinese Cat: Leah Manning           

Joan Woodbury

Joan Woodbury


WOODS, Donald (December 2, 1906; Brandon, Manitoba, Canada - March 5, 1998; Palm Springs, California)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Bob Crawford
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Speed Patten

Donald Woods


WORLOCK, Frederick (December 14, 1886; London, England - August 1, 1973; Woodland Hills, California) 
Murder Over New YorkHugh Drake

Frederick Worlock

Frederick Worlock


WORTH, David (Active in films from 1931 to 1936)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackDetective 


WRIGHT, Jr., Cobina (Cobina Wright) (August 14, 1921; New York, New York - September 1, 2011; Solvang, California) 
Charlie Chan in RioGrace Ellis

Cobina Wright

Cobina Wright


WYKOFF, Frank (October 29, 1909; Des Moines, Iowa - January 1, 1980; Altadena, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsHimself (Fourth U.S.A. 4x100 Meters Relay Team Member (archive footage)

Frank Wykoff



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