Complete Cast List


MacBRIDE, Donald (June 23, 1889; Brooklyn, New York - June 21, 1957; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandDeputy Chief J.J. Kilvaine
Murder Over New YorkInspector Vance

Donald MacBride


MacDONALD, Edmund (May 7, 1908; Boston, Massachusetts - September 2, 1951; Los Angeles, California) 
Castle in the DesertWalter Hartford 

Edmund MacDonald


MacFADDEN, Hamilton (April 26, 1901; Chelsea, Massachusetts - January 1977, Forrest Hills, Queens, New York) 
The Black Camel: Movie Director Val Martino
Charlie Chan in Reno: Night Clerk
Charlie Chan in RioBill Kellogg           

Hamilton MacFadden


MACK, James T. (May 16, 1871; Chicago, Illinois - August 12, 1948; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan's Secret: Fingerprint Man


MACK, Wilbur (July 29, 1873; Binghampton, New York - March 13, 1964; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Gangster


MacKINTOSH, Louise (December 24, 1864; Port Hastings, England - November 1, 1933; Los Angeles, California)
The Black Camel: Librarian 

Louise Mackintosh


MacLAREN, Mary (January 19, 1896; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - November 9, 1985; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Mother


MADISON, Noel (April 30, 1897; New York, New York - January 6, 1975; Fort Lauderdale, Florida) 
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessBelescu

Noel Madison

Noel Madison


MAGRILL, George (January 5, 1900; Brooklyn, New York - May 31, 1952; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Heavy
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Detective

George Magrill


MALLINSON, Rory (October 27, 1913; Atlanta, Georgia - March 26, 1976; Los Angeles, California) 
Docks of New Orleans: Thompson


MANN, Hank (May 28, 1887; New York, New York - November 25, 1971; South Pasadena, California) 
Charlie Chan in Reno: "Injured" Con Man/Casino Extra
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Second Taxicab Driver

Hank Mann


MANN, Margaret (April 4, 1868; Aberdeen, Scotland - February 4, 1941; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in London: Housemaid
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Airline Passenger


MAR, Anna (Annie Mar) (December 13, 1895; California - February 4, 1955; San Francisco, California)   
Charlie Chan at the Circus: Mrs. Charlie Chan

Anna Mar


MARK, Michael (March 15, 1886; Mogliev, Belarus, Russia - February 3, 1975; Woodland Hills, California)
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessMechanic


MARLOWE, Frank (January 20, 1904; Taunton, Massachusetts - March 30, 1964; Hollywood, California)
Dark AlibiBarker 


MARR, Eddie (February 14, 1900; Jersey City, New Jersey - August 25, 1987; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumGrenock 


MARSH, Joan (July 10, 1913; Porterville, California- August 10, 2000; Ojai, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayJoan Wendall

Joan Marsh

Joan Marsh


MARSTON, Joel (March 30, 1922; Baltimore, Maryland - October 18, 2012; Jacksonville, Florida) 
The Sky Dragon: Don Blake

Joel Marston


MARTELL, Alphonse (March 27, 1890; Strasbourg, France - March 18, 1976; San Diego, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloGendarme
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness: Gendarme

Alphonse Martell


MARTIN, Chris-Pin (November 19, 1893; Tucson, Arizona - June 27, 1953; Montebello, California) 
Charlie Chan in PanamaLieutenant Montero (billed as Sergeant Montero) 

Chris-Pin Martin


MASON, Louis (June 1, 1888; Danville, Kentucky - November 12, 1959; Los Angeles, California)
The Shanghai Chest: Cemetery Custodian

Louis Mason


MASON, Reginald (June 27, 1875; San Francisco, California - July 10, 1962; Hermosa Beach, California)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Alexander Crawford

Reginald Mason


MATTHEWS, Forrest (September 24, 1908; McKinney, Texas - November 2, 1951; Dallas, Texas) 
Docks of New Orleans: Detective


MAXEY, Paul (March 15, 1907; Wheaton, Illinois - June 3, 1963; Pasadena, California) 
The Sky Dragon: John Anderson

Paul Maxey


MAYNE, Eric (April 28, 1865; Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - February 9, 1947; Hollywood, California) 
Murder Over New York: Suspicious Looking Man


MAYO, Frank (June 28, 1886; New York, New York - July 9, 1963; Laguna Beach, California) 
The Scarlet ClueHodge
Shadows Over Chinatown: Police Lieutenant

Frank Mayo


McATEE, Clyde (January 19, 1880; Serena, Illinois - February 20, 1947; Calabasas, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race Track"Blackton" Man

Clyde McAtee


McCRACKEN, Don (Active in films from 1939 to 1949)
Dangerous MoneyJunior Officer 


McCUE, Matthew (October 4, 1895; Chicago, Illinois - April 10, 1966; Los Angeles, California) 
Dark Alibi: Convict
Dangerous Money: Barfly
Docks of New Orleans: Records Clerk


McDANIEL, Sam (January 28, 1886; Wichita, Kansas - September 24, 1962; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Porter
The Golden Eye


McGLYNN, Sr., Frank (October 26, 1866; San Francisco, California - May 18, 1951; Newburgh, New York) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest CaseAmos Winterslip 

Frank McGlynn


McGRATH, Paul (April 11, 1904; Chicago, Illinois - April 13, 1978; London, England) 
Dead Men TellCharles Thursday (also known as Mr. Parks)

Paul McGrath


McGUIRE, John (October 22, 1910 - September 30, 1980; Dublin, Ireland)
Charlie Chan at the CircusHal Blake 

John McGuire


McGUIRE, Tom (September 1, 1873; Lancashire, England - May 6. 1954; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Track Official
Charlie Chan at the OperaMorris


McKAY, Wanda (January 14, 1916; Portland, Oregon  - April 11, 1996; Rancho Mirage, California)
The Golden EyeEvelyn Manning

Wanda McKay


McKINNEY, Mira (October 23, 1892; New York, New York - May 2, 1978; Los Angeles, California) 
Shadows Over Chinatown: Kate Johnson


McLAIN, Barbara (Active in films 1939)
Charlie Chan in RenoCollege Student

Barbara McLain


McLURE, Frank (July 14, 1893; Mobile, Alabama - January 29, 1960; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in RenoGambler


McNAUGHTON, Charles (April 24, 1878; Walthamstow, England - December 4, 1955; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan' s Chance: Paradise

Charles McNaughton


McVEY, Paul (March 17, 1898; Boston, Massachusetts - 1973) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Movie Director
Charlie Chan in Paris: Detective LaVerne
Charlie Chan at the CircusRingmaster
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseMrs. Pendleton's Doctor

Paul McVey


MEADOWS, Earle (June 29, 1913; Corinth, Mississippi - November 11, 1992; Fort Worth, Texas) 
Charlie Chan at the Olympics"Richard Masters" Pole Vaulting
NOTE: Earle Meadows won the gold medal for the pole vault in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.

Earle Masters

Earle Meadows


MEEKER, George (March 5, 1904; Brooklyn, New York - August 19, 1984; Carpenteria, California)
The Red DragonEdmund Slade

George Meeker


MEHRA, Lal Chand (August 14, 1897; Amritsar, India - October 21, 1980; Los Angeles, California) 
Murder Over New YorkRamullah (also known as Aga Singh) 

Lal Chand Mehra


MELLON, Leonard (Active in films from 1927-1936) 
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Villager in Opera


MERCIER, Louis (March 7, 1901; Algiers, Algeria - March 25, 1993; Pasadena, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloTaxi Driver 
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness"Gentleman" Max

Louis Mercier


MEREDITH, Frank (December 17, 1898; Bee Spring, Kentucky - July 23, 1965; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandSecond Detective


MERLO, Tony (October 1, 1886; Italy - April 25, 1976; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Villager in Opera
Charlie Chan at the Olympics


MERTON, John (February 18, 1901; Washington, District of Columbia - September 19, 1959; Los Angeles, California)
The Golden EyeMiner


METCALFE, Ralph (May 30, 1910; Atlanta, Georgia - October 10, 1978; Chicago, Illinois)
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsU.S.A. 4x100 Relay Team Member (archive footage)

Ralph Metcalfe

Ralph Metcalfe


MEYER, Torben (December 1, 1884; Copenhagen, Denmark - May 22, 1975; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: French Diplomat


MIDDLEMASS, Robert (September 5, 1885; New Britain, Connecticut - September 10, 1949; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayPolice Official 


MIDDLETON, Charles (October 3, 1874; Elizabethtown, Kentucky - April 22, 1949; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseJeremiah Walters 

Charles Middleton

Charles Middleton


MILES, Art (February 15, 1901; Lowell, Massachusetts - November 6, 1955; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayPorter 

Art Miles


MILEY, Jerry (August 28, 1899; Alameda, California - June 11, 1979; Santa Barbara, California) 
Charlie Chan's Secret: Allen Colby


MILJAN, John (November 9, 1892; Lead City, South Dakota - January 24, 1960; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan in ParisAlbert Dufresne 

John Miljan


MILLAND, Raymond (Ray Milland) (January 3, 1907; Neath, Wales - March 10, 1986; Torrance, California)
Charlie Chan in LondonNeil Howard 

Raymond Milland


MILLER, Fred (April 3, 1911; Akron, Ohio - February 8, 1962; United States) 
Docks of New Orleans: Armed Guard


MILLER, Harold (May 31, 1894; Redondo Beach, California - July 18. 1972; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in LondonManor Guest
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandAudience Member
Charlie Chan in RioNight Club Patron


MILLER, Ivan (November 13, 1888; York, Nebraska - September 27, 1967; Los Angeles County, California) 
Charlie Chan's SecretMorton 
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackWade 


MILLER, Lucille (November 11, 1909; Los Angeles, California - August 28, 2002; Camarillo, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Secretary


MILLER, Walter (March 9, 1892; Dayton, Ohio - March 30, 1940; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseShip's Officer

Walter Miller


MILLS, Frank (January 26, 1891; Kalamazoo, Michigan - August 18, 1974; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Movie Prop Man

Frank Mills


MING, Moy (January 10, 1863; Guangzhou, China - August 16, 1964; Granada Hills, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Mr. Sun Wong

Moy Ming


MITCHELL, Bruce (November 16, 1883; Freeport, Illinois - September 26, 1952; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackGateman
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandPolice Desk Sergeant


MOEBUS, Hans (September 23, 1902; Berlin, Germany - April 3, 1976; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandAudience Member


MOHR, Gerald (June 11, 1914; New York, New York - November 10, 1968; Stockholm, Sweden) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandDr. Zodiac

Gerald Mohr

Gerald Mohr


MONTGOMERY, Goodee (March 28, 1906; St. Joseph, Missouri - June 5, 1978; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan Carries On: Mrs. Benbow 


Charlie Chan in Paris: Apache Dancers

Moore & Allen


MOORE, Mary (Active in films 1942 to 1945) 
The Shanghai CobraRita

Mary Moore


MOORE, Pauline (June 14, 1914; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - December 7, 2001; Sequim, Washington) 
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsBetty Adams
Charlie Chan in RenoMary Whitman
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandEve Cairo

Pauline Moore

Pauline Moore


MOORHOUSE, Bert (November 20, 1894; Chicago, Illinois - January 26, 1954; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandAudience Member


MORELAND, Mantan (September 3, 1902; Monroe, Louisiana - September 28, 1973; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceBirmingham Brown
The Chinese CatBirmingham Brown
Black Magic/Meeting at MidnightBirmingham Brown
The Jade MaskBirmingham Brown
The Scarlet ClueBirmingham Brown
The Shanghai CobraBirmingham Brown
Dark AlibiBirmingham Brown
Shadows Over ChinatownBirmingham Brown
The TrapBirmingham Brown
The Chinese RingBirmingham Brown
Docks of New OrleansBirmingham Brown
The Shanghai ChestBirmingham Brown
The Golden EyeBirmingham Brown
The Feathered SerpentBirmingham Brown
The Sky DragonBirmingham Brown           

Mantan Moreland

Mantan Moreland


MORELLI, Mike (December 14, 1909; New York - August 14, 1976; Burbank, California)
Charlie Chan in Honolulu: Stevedore


MORGAN, Ralph (July 6, 1882; New York, New York - June 11, 1956; New York, New York)
Charlie Chan's Chance: Barry Kirk

Ralph Morgan


MORI, Tashia (Toshia Mori) (January 1, 1912; Kyoto, Japan - November 26, 1995; The Bronx, New York) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayLing Tse

Tashia Mori


MORIN, Alberto (November 26, 1902; San Juan, Puerto Rico - April 7, 1989; Burbank, California) 
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessClerk
Charlie Chan in PanamaHotel San Pablo Desk Clerk

Alberto Morin


MORRELL, George (April 10, 1871; California - April 28, 1955; Los Angeles, California)
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight: Man at Elevator

George Morrell


MORRIS, Philip (January 20, 1893; Duluth, Minnesota - December 18, 1949; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsNew York Police Officer
Charlie Chan on BroadwayCustoms Officer
Charlie Chan in PanamaPlainclothesman

Phillip Morris


MOUSTAFA, Amira (July 2, 1922; Cairo, Egypt) 
Dangerous MoneyLaura Ericson

Amira Moustafa


MOWBRAY, Alan (August 18, 1896; London, England - March 25, 1969; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in LondonGeoffrey Richmond 

Alan Mowbray


MOWER, Jack (Septmber 5, 1890; Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii - January 6, 1965; Hollywood, California) 
Shadows Over ChinatownHobart
The Chinese RingBallard


MUDIE, Leonard (April 11, 1883; Cheetham, England - April 14, 1965; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseGerald Pendleton
The Scarlet Clue: Hamilton

Leonard Mudie


MUI, Lily (Lillie Mui) (Active in films from 1936 to 1939) 
Charlie Chan at the Circus: Number Six Chan Daughter

Lily Mui


MUI, Stanton (Active in films 1936)
Charlie Chan at the CircusNumber Four Chan Son 

Stanton Mui


MUIR, Gavin (September 8, 1900; Chicago, Illinois - May 24, 1972; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackBagley

Gavin Muir


MULHALL, Jack (October 7, 1887; New York, New York - June 1, 1979; Woodland Hills, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackSecond Purser 


MUNDIN, Herbert (August 21, 1898; St. Helens, England - March 5, 1939; Van Nuys, California) 
Charlie Chan's SecretBaxter

Herbert Mundin


MURGI, Sol (August 5, 1900; Pallagorio, Italy - October 5, 1973; Rome, Italy)
Dangerous Money: Barfly


MURRAY, John T. (August 28, 1886; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - February 12, 1957; Woodland Hills, California)
Charlie Chan Carries On: Dr. Lofton

John T. Murray


MUSE, Clarence (October 14, 1889; Baltimore, Maryland - October 13, 1979; Perris, California) 
Murder Over New YorkButler

Clarence Muse

Clarence Muse


MUSSOLINI, Benito (July 29, 1883; Predappio, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - April 28, 1945; Giulino, di Mezzegra, Lombardy, Italy) 
Castle in City in DarknessHimself (archive footage)
NOTE: Fascist leader and dictator if Italy 1919-1945.

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini



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