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LAFAYETTE, Jeanne (July 20, 1908; Sainte-Maure de Touraine, France - September 9, 1993; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessFrench Girl


LANE, Allan (September 22, 1909; Mishawaka, Indiana - October 27, 1973; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsRichard Masters

Allan Lane

Allan Lane


LANE, Lenita (December 16, 1901; Parnassus, Pennsylvania - March 15, 1995; Culver City, California) 
Dead Men TellDr. Anne Bonney 
Castle in the DesertLucy Manderley (formerly known as Lucia and Princess Lucrezia della Borgia)

Lenita Lane

Lenita Lane


LANE, Richard (Dick Lane) (May 28, 1899; Rice Lake, Wisconsin - September 5, 1982; Newport Beach, California) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluDetective Joe Arnold

Richard Lane

Rishard Lane


LANGE, Elaine (January 5, 1919; Marion, Indiana - December 26, 1963; Glendale, California) 
Dangerous MoneyMrs. Cynthia Martin


La RUE, Jack (May 3, 1902; New York, New York - January 11, 1984; Santa Monica, California)
Charlie Chan in Panama: Emil Manolo (alias Ramon Gonzales)

Jack La Rue

Jack LaRue


LATELL, Lyle (April 4, 1904; Elma, Iowa - October 24, 1967; Hollywood, California)
Shadows Over ChinatownPolice Clerk 
The Sky DragonEd Davidson 


LAWRENCE, Marc (February 17, 1910; New York, New York - November 27, 2005, Palm Springs, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayThomas Mitchell
Charlie Chan in HonoluluJohnny McCoy (also called "Mac")
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumSteve McBirney (also called "Mac")           

Marc Lawrence

Marc Lawrence


LAWRENCE, Rosina (December 30, 1912; Westboro, Ontario, Canada - June 23, 1997; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's SecretAlice Lowell 

Rosina Lawrence

Rosina Lawrence


LEE, Eddie (June 28, 1899; Los Angeles, California - August 20, 1979; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Servant

Eddie Lee


LEE, Faye (November 10, 1930; Los Angeles, California - August 12, 2011; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the CircusNumber Five Chan Daughter
Charlie Chan in Honolulu: Number Four Chan Daughter

Faye Lee


LEE, Margie 
Charlie Chan in Honolulu: Number Five Chan Daughter

Margie Lee


LEONARD, Barbara (January 9, 1908; San Francisco, California - July 2, 1971; Orange, California)
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessLola


LEONG, James B. (November 2, 1889; Shanghai, China - December 16, 1967; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Shanghai Police Police Operator
Shadows Over Chinatown: Chinese Curio Shop Owner


LESSEY, George (June 8, 1879; Amherst, Massachusetts - June 3, 1947; Westbrook, Connecticut) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceSlade


LEWIS, George (December 10, 1903; Guadalajara, Mexico - December 8, 1995; Rancho Santa Fe, California) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServicePaul Aranto
Docks of New OrleansSergeant Dansiger
The Feathered SerpentCaptain Juan Gonzalez           

George Lewis


LEWIS, George J. (See: LEWIS, George)


LEWIS, Ralph (Active in films from 1944 to 1958) 
The Jade MaskJim Kimball

Ralph Lewis


LEYTON, Drue (June 12, 1906; Somers, Wisconsin - February 8, 1997; Corona Del Mar, California)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Paula Graham
Charlie Chan in London: Pamela Gray
Charlie Chan at the Circus: Nellie Farrell           

Drue Leyton

Drue Leyton


LEYVA, Frank (October 26, 1897; El Paso, Texas - February 26, 1981; North Hollywood, California) 
The Feathered SerpentJose


LIM, Ellen (Active in films 1933)
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case: Number Four Chan Daughter

Ellen Lim


LINAKER, Kay (July 19, 1913; Pine Bluff, Arkansas - April 18, 2008; Keene, New Hampshire) 
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Joan Karnoff
Charlie Chan in Reno: Mrs. Russell
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Sťance Apparition
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise: Mrs. Pendleton
Charlie Chan in Rio: Helen Ashby (alias Barbara Cardosa)           

Kay Linaker

Kay Linaker


LINCOLN, Caryl (November 16, 1903; Oakland, California - February 20, 1983; Woodland Hills, California)
Charlie Chan's CourageLeading Lady 

Caryl Lincoln


LING, Bo (November 5, 1908; Alameda, California - March 18, 1999; Los Angeles, California)
The Black Camel: Number One Chan Daughter
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Lee Chan's Girlfriend

NOTE: Daughter of E.L. Park, who portrayed Charlie Chan in Behind That Curtain (1929).

Ivy Ling


LIPSON, Jack "Tiny" (January 17, 1901; Denver, Colorado - November 28, 1947; Madera County, California)
Murder Over New York: Hindu in Police Lineup

Jack "Tiny" Lipson


LITTLEFIELD, Lucien (August 16, 1895; San Antonio, Texas - June 4, 1960; Hollywood, California) 
Castle in the DesertProfessor Gleason

Lucien Littlefield


LIVINGSTON, Robert (December 9, 1904; Quincy, Illinois - March 7, 1988; Tarzana, California) 
The Feathered SerpentProfessor John Stanley


LOCHER, Charles (Jon Hall) (February 23, 1915; Fresno, California - December 13, 1979; North Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Philip Nash

Charles Locher

Charles Locher (Jon Hall)


LOFT, Arthur (May 25, 1897; Denver, Colorado - January 1, 1947; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluPeabody
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceJones (called "Jonsey") 
The Shanghai CobraBradford Harris (alias Special Agent Hume) 

Arthur Loft


LOO, Richard (October 1, 1903; Maui, Hawaii - November 20, 1983; Los Angeles, California) 
The Golden Eye


LOPEZ, Richard (Active in films and television from 1945 to 1989) 
The Red DragonBellboy

Richard Lopez


LORING, Teala (October 6, 1924; Denver, Colorado - January 28, 2007; Spring, Texas) 
Dark AlibiJune Harley

Teala Loring

Teala Loring


LOUIE, Shirley (1915; Los Angeles, California - Deceased)
Charlie Chan in HonoluluTelephone Operator


LOVELOCK, John (January 5, 1910; Crushington, New Zealand - December 28, 1949; Brooklyn, New York) 
Charlie Chan at the Olympics:1500 Meters Gold Medalist (New Zealand) (archive footage)

John Lovelock

John Lovelock


LOWERY, Robert (October 13, 1913; Kansas City, Missouri - December 26, 1971; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayReporter
Charlie Chan in RenoWally Burke
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseDick Kenyon
Murder Over New YorkDavid Elliot

Robert Lowery


Charlie Chan at Monte CarloGendarme 


LUCAS, Wilfred (January 30, 1871; Ontario, Canada - December 5, 1940; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Doorman


LUGOSI, Bela (October 20, 1882; Lugos, Austria-Hungary - August 16, 1956; Los Angeles, California)
The Black Camel: Tarneverro

Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi


LUKE, Edwin (July 23, 1911; Seattle, Washington - January 18, 1986, Los Angeles, California) 
The Jade MaskEddie Chan (also called Edward)

Edwin Luke


LUKE, Keye (June 14, 1904; Guangzhou, China - January 12, 1991; Whittier, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Lee Chan
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Lee Chan
Charlie Chan at the Circus: Lee Chan
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Lee Chan
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Lee Chan
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Lee Chan
Charlie Chan at the Olympics: Lee Chan
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Lee Chan
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Lee Chan
The Feathered Serpent: Lee Chan
The Sky Dragon: Lee Chan

Keye Luke


LYNN, George (January 28, 1906; Cumberland, Maryland - December 3, 1964; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloAl Rogers



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