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KARLOFF, Boris (November 23, 1887; Camberwell, England - February 2, 1969; Midhurst, England) 
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Gravelle

* Appeared in the "proto-Charlie Chan" film Behind That Curtain (1929).

Boris Karloff


KAY, Gail (Active in films 1934)
Charlie Chan's CourageChild


KEANE, Edward (May 28, 1884; New York, New York - October 12, 1959; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Olympics: Colonel Webster
Charlie Chan in Panama: Dr. Fredericks

Edward Keane


KEANE, Robert E. (Robert Emmett Keane) (March 4, 1883; New York, New York - July 2, 1981; Hollywood, California) 
The Red Dragon: Alfred Wyans

Robert E. Keane


KECKLEY, Jane (September 10, 1876; Charleston, South Carolina - August 14, 1963; South Pasadena, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OperaSecond Wardrobe Mistress 


KEEFE, Cornelius (July 13, 1900; Boston, Massachusetts - December 11, 1972; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case: Steve Leatherbee

Cornelius Keefe


KEENE, Richard (September 16, 1899; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - March 11, 1971; Los Angeles County, California) 
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseButtons

Richard Keene


KEITH, Ian (February 27, 1899; Boston, Massachusetts - March 26, 1960; New York, New York) 
The Chinese CatDr. Paul Reknik 

Ian Keith


KELLOGG, Bruce (April 13, 1910; Thermopolis, Wyoming - May 22, 1957; Santa Monica, California) 
Shadows Over Chinatown: Jack Tillford (alias Joe Thompson)
The Golden Eye: Talbot Bartlett           

Bruce Kellogg


KELSEY, Fred (August 20, 1884; Sandusky, Ohio - September 2, 1961; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Dugan
Charlie Chan at the CircusDesk Sergeant
Charlie Chan in RenoReno Police Desk Sergeant
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandLead detective in Taxi and Theater           

Fred A. Kelsey


KEMP, Kenner G. (January 3, 1908; Concho, Arizona Territory - May 13, 1985; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Candid Camera Photographer at Hottentot Club
The Scarlet Clue: Police Radio Techician

Kenner G. Kemp


KENDALL, Cy (March 10, 1898; St. Louis, Missouri - July 22, 1953; Woodland Hills, California)
The Chinese CatWebster Deacon (referred to as George Deacon in a newspaper headline)

Cy Kendall


KENNEDY, Tom (July 15, 1885; New York, New York - October 6, 1965; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan's ChanceHawkins


KENNY, Colin (December 4, 1888; Dublin, Ireland - December 2, 1968; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Reporter
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Melbourne Cup Judge           


KENT, Robert (December 3, 1908; Hartford, Connecticut - May 4, 1955; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloGordon Chase

Robert Kent


KENYON, Gwen (January 22, 1916; Los Angeles, California - October 18, 1999; Montecito, California) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceInez Aranto

Gwen Kenyon

Gwen Kenyon


KERRIGAN, J.M. (December 16, 1884; Dublin, Ireland - April 29, 1964; Hollywood, California)
The Black Camel: Thomas MacMaster 

J.M. Kerrigan


KEY, Grace (Grace Lem) (August 24, 1898; Oakland, California - August 12, 1959; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in HonoluluMrs. Chan

Grace Key


KIBBEE, Milt (Milton Kibbee) (January 27, 1896; Santa Fe, New Mexico - April 17, 1970; Simi Valley, California) 
The Scarlet Clue: Herbert Sinclair

Milton Kibbee


KIKUME, Al (October 7, 1894; Honolulu, Republic of Hawaii - March 27, 1972; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Detective
Charlie Chan at the Olympics: Honolulu Police Radio Operator
Charlie Chan in Honolulu: Police Officer
Charlie Chan in Reno: Honolulu Police Officer
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Hawaiian Village Waiter           

Al Kikume


KILPATRICK, Reid (December 5, 1907; Detroit, Michigan - August 11, 1983; Los Angeles, California) 
The Scarlet Clue: Wilbur Chester

Reid Kilpatrick


KING, Claude (January 15, 1875; Northampton, England - September 18, 1941; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case: Captain Arthur Temple Cope
Charlie Chan in London: RAF Commandant           

Claude King


KING, Joe (February 9, 1883; Austin, Texas - April 11, 1951; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumInspector O'Matthews 

Joe King

Joe King


KING, John (July 11, 1909; Cincinnati, Ohio - November 11, 1987; San Diego, California) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluChief Officer George Randolph

John King


KINNELL, Murray (July 24, 1889; London, England - August 11, 1954; Santa Barbara, California)
The Black Camel: Smith
Charlie Chan's Courage: Martin Thorne
Charlie Chan in London: Philips (alias Captain Seton)
Charlie Chan in Paris: Henri Latouche           

Murray Kinnell


KIPPLING, Richard (August 21, 1879; New York, New York - March 11, 1965; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Master of Ceremonies

Richard Kippling


KIRKLAND, Alexander (September 15, 1901; Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico - 1986; United States)
Charlie Chan's Chance: John Douglas 

Alexander Kirkland

Alexander Kirkland


KIRKWOOD, James (February 22, 1875; Grand Rapids, Michigan - August 24, 1963; Woodland Hills, California)
Charlie Chan's Chance: Inspector Flannery

James Kirkwood

James Kirkwood


KLEIN, Tommy (Active in films 1937)   
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsPage Boy 

Tommy Klein


KNIGHT, Karen (Active in films from 1944 to 1948) 
The Shanghai CobraTelephone Switchboard Supervisor

Karen Knight


KOLKER, Henry (November 13, 1870; Quincy, Illinois - July 15, 1947; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in ParisM. Paul Lamartine 

Henry Kolker


KRUGER, Paul (July 25, 1895; Eau Claire, Wisconsin - November 6, 1960; Los Angeles County, California) 
Murder Over New YorkGuard
Dead Men TellSailor in Saloon
Castle in the DesertServant           

Paul Kruger


KUM, William
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Porter



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