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JACKSON, Selmer (May 7, 1888; Lake Mills, Iowa - May 30, 1971; Burbank, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackJ.L. Lansing
Charlie Chan at the OperaHudson, Los Angeles Bulletin Wire Photo Technician
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsNavy Commander Wright
Dangerous MoneyShip's Doctor

Selmer Jackson


JAMES, Gladden (February 26, 1888; Zanesville, Ohio - August 28, 1948; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Forrest
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Secretary


JANS, Harry (June 6, 1898; New Haven, Connecticut - February 4, 1962; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackAl Meers


JAQUET, Frank (March 16, 1885; Milwaukee, Wisconsin - May 11, 1958; Los Angeles, California)
Black Magic/Meting at Midnight: Paul Hamlin

Frank Jaquet


JEFFREY, William (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Deceased; Active in films from 1930 to 1937) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayCoroner


JENKS, Si (September 23, 1876; Norristown, Pennsylvania - January 6, 1970; Woodland Hills, California)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Will Holley

Si Jenks


JENNINGS, DeWitt (June 21, 1879; Cameron, Missouri - March 1, 1937; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Constable Brackett

DeWitt Jennings


JEROME, Jerry (January 19, 1912; East St. Louis, Illinois - November 17, 2001; Sarasota, Florida)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Maydorf
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Chuck


JOBY, Hans (August 3, 1884; Kronstadt (Brasso), Austria-Hungary - May 1, 1943; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsBerlin Police Radio Car Officer


JOHNSON, Walter (February 25, 1906; Chicago, Illinois - June 28, 1946; Los Angeles County, California)
Charlie Chan in LondonJerry Garton 

Walter Johnson


JOLLEY, Stan (I. Stanford Jolley) (October 24, 1900; Morristown, New Jersey - December 7, 1978; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service: Coroner's Assistant
The Chinese Cat: Gannett
The Scarlet Clue: Ralph Brett (alias Rolf Brott and Britt)           

Stan Jolley


JONES, Darby (February 21, 1910; Los Angeles, California - November 30, 1986; Los Angeles, California)
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight: Mr. Johnson

Darby Jones


JONES, Haywood (June 30, 1909; Kansas City, Missouri - August 25, 1982; Los Angeles, California) 
Docks of New Orleans: Mobile Jones


JONS, Beverly (Active in films from 1946 to 1951)
The Feathered Serpent: Joan Farnsworth

Beverly Jons


JORDAN, Charles (August 12, 1896; Tottenham, Middlesex, England - February, 1977; South Daytona, Florida)
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight: Tom Starkey
The Scarlet Clue: Nelson
Shadows Over Chinatown: Jenkins
Docks of New Orleans: Fingerprint Expert
The Sky Dragon: Assistant Stage Manager

Charles Jordan


JORDAN, Charlie (See: JORDAN, Charles


JORY, Victor (November 23, 1902; Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada - February 12, 1982; Santa Monica, California) 
Charlie Chan in RioAlfredo Marana (alias Alfredo Cardosa; also called Alfred)

Victor Jory

Victor Jory


JOSEPHINE (December 5?, 1907 - Deceased) 
Josephine, a capuchin monkey, began her film career in 1921.  She celebrated her 35th birthday on December 5, 1942 with Jon Hall, Maria Montez, and Sabu on the set of Arabian Nights, and was referred to as "the most famous monkey in motion pictures."  She was active in films until 1947.
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackLollipop

Josephine the monkey


JUNG, Shia (March 10, 1916; Lantau, Hong Kong, China - March 26, 2003; Victoria, Hong Kong, China) 
Charlie Chan at the CircusSu Toy 

Shia Jung



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