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Past Monthly Poll Results



For the New Year I resolve... complete my collection of all Fox and Monogram Charlie chan films 57% add The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan cartoon series to my collection 31% add The New Adventures of Charlie Chan to my collection 31% read one or more of the Charlie Chan stories by Earl Derr Biggers 31%



Have you ever watched The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan?

Yes 67%
No 33%



How long ago did you fist visit the Charlie Chan Family ( website? 

Less than a year ago 6%
1-2 years ago 13%
2-5 years ago 19%
5-10 years ago 31%
More than 10 years ago 31%           



In your opinion, who, among the following, was the most important supporting actor contributing to the success of the Charlie Chan film series?

Keye Luke 77%
Victor Sen Yung 9%
Benson Fong 0%
Mantan Moreland 14%           



What is your favorite Sidney Toler Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 5%
The Chinese Cat 5%
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight 25%
The Jade Mask 20%
The Shanghai Cobra 20%
The Red Dragon 0%
Dark Alibi 10%
Shadows Over Chinatown 5%
Dangerous Money 0%
The Trap 5%

AUGUST 2016:

Would you like to see at this website a section devoted to "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan" cartoon series? 

Yes 72%
No 28%


JULY 2016:

If you have purchased the new Charlie Chan 3-Film Collection DVD boxed set from Warner Brothers, what is your opinion?

I am very pleased with the overall quality 90%
I am reasonably pleased with the overall quality 10%
I am not pleased with the overall quality 0%           


JUNE 2016:

Do you plan to purchase the upcoming Warner Brothers Archive Collection release of the final three Monogram Charlie Chan films in their compilation entitled Charlie Chan 3-Film Collection?

Yes 88%
No 12%           


MAY 2016:

Which, in your opinion, is the better "final appearance as Charlie Chan" in a 20th Century-Fox film? 

Warner Oland in Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 42%
Sidney Toler in Castle in the Desert 58%


APRIL 2016:

How did Charlie Chan get the money needed to do much of his extensive travelling?

The Honolulu Police Department footed the bill most of the time 25%
A wealthy donor from Chan's past funded his travels beyond his official work 4%
The Territory of Hawaii paid for those "extra" trips as Chan was their international goodwill ambassador 21%
Chan paid for many of his trips himself 50%           


MARCH 2016:

Which of these films features the most interesting example of actual "cutting edge" electronic technology?

Charlie Chan's Chance - "Lost" film which features a trans-Atlantic telephone call 9%
Charlie Chan at the Race Track - High-speed photography for "photo-finishes" 5%
Charlie Chan at the Opera - Wire photo transmission - a precursor to the fax machine 45%
Charlie Chan at the Opera and The Scarlet Clue - Teletype machine 0%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics and other Chan films - Shortwave radio transmission 0%
The Scarlet Clue - A depiction of an early television studio broadcast 14%
The Shanghai Cobra - A closed-circuit television-assisted juke box 27%           



Do you like the earlier start time (7:30 Eastern Time) for our Weekly Chats which now include a shared "extra" prior to our featured film?

Yes 80%
No 20%



Which do you "resolve" to purchase over the course of the upcoming year?

Any and all of the commercially produced 20th Century-Fox films that I may lack 8%
Any and all of the commercially produced Monogram Pictures films that I may lack 17%
The "final three" commercially unavailable Monogram Pictures films through the "gray market" 17%
The New Adventures of Charlie Chan complete TV series 0%
The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin 0%
Chan and the Amazing Chan Clan cartoon series 17%
More than one of the above 17%
None of the above as I already have everything listed 8%
None of the above 17%           



Would you like to share "bonus" presentations such as a "The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan" cartoon or an episode from the old "Charlie Chan" radio dramas at the start of our Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewings?           

Yes 74%
No 26%           



If the Charlie Chan film series had lasted into the 1950s, do you feel it could have made a transition to become a television series with Roland Winters in the title role, Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown, and Keye Luke as Lee Chan?           

Yes 73%
No 27%           



Does the recent presentation of a Charlie Chan "double feature" by Turner Classic Movies (TCM) give you hope that there will be similar future airings by that and other channels?

Yes 100%
No 0%           



Of the three "home bases" that Charlie Chan used during the run of the film series, which, in your opinion, provided the starting point for the most interesting adventures?

Honolulu 47%
Washington, D.C. 9%
San Francisco 44%           


AUGUST 2015:

Would you like next year's 2016 Charlie Chan Film Tour to continue in its present chronological format or change to a random format?

Chronological 70%
Random 30%


JULY 2015:

Which of these Charlie Chan films would you consider to be the most "spooky"?

The Black Camel 19%
Charlie Chan in Egypt 26%
Charlie Chan's Secret 21%
Charlie Chan at the Opera 14%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 5%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 2%
Dead Men Tell 5%
Castle in the Desert 4%
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight 4% 


JUNE 2015:

What is your choice for the best singing performance in a Charlie Chan film?

Keye Luke - "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" (Charlie Chan in Paris6%
Warner Oland - "The Song of Princess Ming Lo Fu" (Charlie Chan in Shanghai88%
Victor Sen Yung - "La Cucaracha" (The Feathered Serpent6%         


MAY 2015:

Which Charlie Chan series nightclub would you most like to visit?

Café Du Singe Bleu (Charlie Chan in Paris12%
Versailles Cafe (Charlie Chan in Shanghai12%
The Hottentot Club (Charlie Chan on Broadway36%
Manolo's Cabaret (Charlie Chan in Panama12%
Carioca Casino (Charlie Chan in Rio16%
Capitol Night Club (The Red Dragon4%
Mango Inn (Dangerous Money8%              


APRIL 2015:

Of the "Big Two," who, in your opinion, wins the Best Charlie Chan Derby?

Warner Oland by far 35%
Warner Oland by a nose 23%
Sidney Toler by far 26%
Sidney Toler by a nose 16%                   


MARCH 2015:

Of the following, who is your LEAST favorite "one-shot" Chan "assistant"?

Kashimo (The Black Camel55%
Snowshoes (Charlie Chan in Egypt13%
Baxter (Charlie Chan's Secret16%
Marcel (Charlie Chan in City in Darkness16%                   



Of the following, which is the most "romantic" Charlie Chan film?

The Black Camel (Jimmy Bradshaw and Julie O'Neil) 13%
Charlie Chan in London (Neil Howard and Pamela Gray) 10%
Charlie Chan in Paris (Victor Descartes and Yvette Lamartine) 10%
Charlie Chan in Shanghai (Lee Chan and "Telephone Girlfriend") 10%
Charlie Chan at the Circus (Lee Chan and Su Toy) 13%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics (Dick Masters and Betty Adams) 6%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (Gordon Chase and Evelyn Grey) 0%
Charlie Chan in Reno (Jimmy Chan and Choy Wong) 6%
The Chinese Cat (Harvey Dennis and Leah Manning; Birmingham Brown and Carolina) 6%
The Shanghai Cobra (Ned Stewart and Paula Webb) 20%
The Red Dragon (Jimmy Chan and Iris Ling; Inspector Carverro and Marguerite Fontan) 0%
The Sky Dragon (Birmingham Brown and Lena Franklin) 0%
Charlie Chan in Rio (Jimmy Chan and Lili Wong) 6%



Which of the following would you choose as your Charlie Chan-inspired New Year's Resolution?

To be a good parent 5%
To be inscrutable 3%
To carry oneself with dignity 27%
To be courteous 3%
To be self-effacing 0%
To eschew intoxicants 0%
To be a devoted spouse 13%
To be honorable 49%



Do you have a copy of The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan?

Yes 28%
No 72%



Charlie Chan-wise, I am most thankful for...

...having nearly all Charlie Chan films currently available in commercial form. 39%
...having a means of gathering each Monday evening to watch and have fun with a Charlie Chan film. 26%
Ling...having online forums available at which to share thoughts on Charlie Chan and related issues. 0%
...having so many Charlie Chan "goodies" available at eBay. 0%
Iris...knowing that Charlie Chan still remains in the public arena. 0%



Which of these older Chan offspring was, in your opinion, probably the most "academic"?

Lee 35%
Jimmy 21%
Ling 3%
Tommy 3%
Iris 0%
Frances 3%
Edward 35%



As summer comes to a close, which Charlie Chan "attraction" would you like to visit on your next dream vacation?

Chinatown 14%
Wax Museum 18%
Treasure Island 18%
(Mojave) Desert 4%
Murder Cruise 7%
Broadway 0%
Olympics 21%
Opera 7%
Race Track 7%
Circus 4%         


AUGUST 2014:

Who is your favorite "movie monster" actor to appear in a Charlie Chan film?

Lon Chaney, Jr. (Charlie Chan in City in Darkness/Charlie Chan on Broadway12%
Boris Karloff (Charlie Chan at the Opera69%
Bela Lugosi (The Black Camel19%         


JULY 2014:

Which Charlie Chan travel destination would you choose for a dream trip this summer?

London 9%
Paris 6%
Egypt 18%
Shanghai 12%
Monte Carlo 3%
Honolulu 31%
Reno 0%
Panama 9%
New York 0%
Rio 6%
New Orleans 6%         


JUNE 2014:

Who is your favorite small town sheriff in the Charlie Chan series?

"Tombstone" Fletcher (Charlie Chan in Reno79%
Sheriff Mack (The Jade Mask21%


MAY 2014:

Which Charlie Chan film features what you would consider to be Harold Huber's best performance in the series? 

Charlie Chan on Broadway 31%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 27%
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness 22%
Charlie Chan in Rio 20%                   


APRIL 2014:

Which do you prefer as a plot device in a Charlie Chan film?

The use of a piece of state-of-the-art technology of the era as seen in a Humberstone-directed Fox film 64%
The use of a gimmick device as seen in a Monogram film 36%


MARCH 2014:

In your opinion, would the Sidney Toler era of the Charlie Chan series have been better if Keye Luke had continued his role as Number One Son, Lee?

Yes 72%
No 28%



Of the eight "foreign locale" Charlie Chan films produced by Fox studios, which is your favorite?

Charlie Chan in London 7%
Charlie Chan in Paris 16%
Charlie Chan in Egypt 25%
Charlie Chan in Shanghai 25%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics 11%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 5%
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness 5%
Charlie Chan in Panama 20%
Charlie Chan in Rio 2%         



Which of the following Charlie Chan-related New Year's resolutions would you choose for yourself?

To purchase all currently available commercially produced films on DVD from the Charlie Chan series proper that I currently lack. 20%
To purchase the entire DVD collection for The New Adventures of Charlie Chan TV series starring J. Carrol Naish. 4%
To purchase a copy of The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin. 37%
To read one or more of the original Charlie Chan mysteries by Earl Derr Biggers. 23%
To adopt one of Charlie Chan's positive traits for myself. 16%



If I could hope for one of the following Charlie Chan seasonal miracles, it would be...

...that one of the lost Charlie Chan films would be found. 37%
...that a GOOD Charlie Chan movie would be made. 3%
...that the BBC would produce an Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan mystery. 10%
...that Warner Brothers would release their final three Charlie Chan films on DVD. 50%



How far would you travel to see a Charlie Chan film on the big screen in a movie theater?

0-10 miles 8%
10-20 miles 17%
20-50 miles 10%
More than 50 miles 65%



Do you feel that Warner Brothers will release the final three Charlie Chan films in their collection  on DVD?

Yes 94%
No 6%



Now that you have had a chance to view the new Warner Brothers Charlie Chan Collection DVD box set, what is your opinion?

It surpassed my expectations 58%
It met my expectations 38%
It was below my expectations 4%           


AUGUST 2013:

Did you purchase the new Warner Brothers Charlie Chan Collection DVD box set?

Yes 55%
No, but I plan to 29%
No 16%


JULY 2013:

How did you find our website?

Through a friend or family member 5%
Through another Charlie Chan website 18%
Through a search engine 62%
Through an article or other media outlet 2%
Other 13%

JUNE 2013:

Had the Charlie Chan series continued at Monogram Pictures, do you feel it would have survived the advent of television?

Yes 61%
No 39%


MAY 2013:

Which reason would you choose to explain the success and popularity of Sidney Toler as the "new" Charlie Chan, following the untimely passing of Warner Oland?

He was a versatile actor 22%
His Chan fit the rapidly changing times and culture 21%
The acid wit he brought to the character 37%
The more assertive nature of his Chan 20%


APRIL 2013:

How would you contribute to a new Charlie Chan Museum in Honolulu? 

Assist in decorating the museum with 1930s furnishings. 6%
Move to Hawaii and assist in daily operations of the museum. 29%
Provide Chan-related artifacts, including books and movie memorabilia. 16%
Provide financial support from a distance (i.e. the mainland) 42%
Not interested in contributing to this hare-brained idea. 6%


MARCH 2013:

Would the Charlie Chan film series have continued as long as it did at Monogram Pictures without Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown?

Yes 38%
No 62%



Would you like to see The Return of Charlie Chan, starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan, as part of our film schedule?

Yes 82%
No 18%




Do you think that the Charlie Chan film series would have continued after being dropped by 20th Century-Fox without Sidney Toler's persistence? 

Yes 69%
No 31%



Of the four main actors who portrayed Charlie Chan, whom do you feel had the most distinguished film career overall?

Warner Oland 57%
Sidney Toler 31%
Roland Winters 0%
J. Carrol Naish 12%



Do you enjoy watching the Charlie Chan films made by Monogram Pictures? 

Yes 83%
No 17%



What do you most like about the Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan films?

Unusual gimmicks 5%
Quirky characters 5%
Strange environments 6%
Humor 14%
All of the above 70%



Does your computer allow you to (simultaneously) watch a video from YouTube while participating in the Charlie Chan Family Chat Room?

Yes 53%
No 47%


AUGUST 2012:

Do you enjoy watching the Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan films?

Yes 94%
No 6%


JULY 2012:

Do you currently have in your collection any or all of The New Adventures of Charlie Chan TV crime dramas?

Yes, I have one or some episodes. 10%
Yes, I have the entire series. 27%
No, I do not have any of the episodes. 63%


JUNE 2012:

Have you ever watched The Return of Charlie Chan also known as Happiness is a Warm Clue, starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan?

No, I have never watched it. 78%
Yes, I have watched it and I enjoyed it. 22%
Yes, I have watched it but I didn't enjoy it. 0%


MAY 2012:

Film critic Leonard Maltin selected The Sky Dragon as "an unbearable whodunit."

I agree 12%
I disagree 44%
Yes, but other Chan films are equal! 12%
What does Maltin know? 32%


APRIL 2012:

Film critic Leonard Maltin selected Charlie Chan at the Opera as "the series at its peak."

I agree 12%
I disagree 17%
Yes, but other Chan films are equal! 69%
What does Maltin know? 2%


MARCH 2012:

Who is your favorite Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan director?

Phil Rosen 61%
Phil Karlson 8%
Terry Morse 8%
Howard Bretherton 15%
William Beaudine 8%
Derwin Abrahams 0%
Lesley Selander 0%



Of these "one-shot" 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan film directors, who is your favorite?

John Blystone 23%
George Hadden 18%
Lewis Seiler 0%
Louis King 18%
James Tinling 18%
John Wiles 23%
Herbert E. Leeds 0%
Lynn Shores 0%



Of these multiple-film Charlie Chan 20th Century-Fox film directors, who is your favorite?

Hamilton MacFadden 9%
Eugene Ford 6%
Harry Lachman 0%
H. Bruce Humberstone 53%



Mantan Moreland Playoffs (FINAL!) - Please choose your favorite "Birmingham" film:

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 15%
The Chinese Cat 23%
The Jade Mask 13%
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight 49%



Mantan Moreland Playoffs (Group 3) - Please choose your favorite "Birmingham" film:

Black Magic/Meeting At Midnight 39%
The Scarlet Clue 25%
Shadows Over Chinatown 18%
The Chinese Ring 4%
Docks of New Orleans 14%



Mantan Moreland Playoffs (Group 2) - Please choose your favorite "Birmingham" film:

The Feathered Serpent 9%
The Shanghai Cobra 12%
The Chinese Cat 32%
The Shanghai Chest 14%
The Jade Mask 32%



Mantan Moreland Playoffs (Group 1) - Please choose your favorite "Birmingham" film:

The Sky Dragon 16%
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 34%
The Golden Eye 16%
Dark Alibi 31%
The Trap 3%


AUGUST 2011:

Do you currently own all available authorized Charlie Chan films on DVD or VHS?

Yes 74%
No 26%


JULY 2011:

Do you ever watch the showings of Charlie Chan films on ThisTV?

Yes 48%
No 52%


JUNE 2011:

Have you ever watched a Charlie Chan film on the big screen in a theater?

Yes 30%
No 70%


MAY 2011:

Which, in your opinion, is the best Chan film that portrays a historical event?

Charlie Chan at the Race Track 10%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics 74%
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness 16%


APRIL 2011:

Regarding the anti-Charlie Chan rhetoric that abounded in recent times:

I never believed it. 98%
I once believed it. 2%
I still believe it. 0%


MARCH 2011:

Do you feel that The New Adventures of Charlie Chan could fit into the Charlie Chan "canon"?

Yes 81%
No 19%



Which is the most endearing of Charlie Chan's traits?

His humility 26%
His fatherliness 11%
His wisdom 27%
His wit 14%
His deductive abilities 22%



If it could help attract new viewers, would you be in favor of colorizing any Charlie Chan films?

Yes 33%
No 67%



What would like to ask Santa Claus for this year?

A "lost" Chan film found 55%
A new Chan film produced 7%
The last 7 Chan films from TCM 38%



How do you prefer to experience Charlie Chan's adventures?

Watching the films 94%
Reading the Biggers books 6%



Do you plan to purchase Yunte Huang's new book, Charlie Chan?

Yes 74%
No 26%



Do you think that Warner Brothers/TCM will eventually release the final seven Monogram Chan Films?

Yes 90%
No 10%


AUGUST 2010:

Which "Chan site" would provide you the best chance to attend a Chan convention?

Honolulu 10%
Los Angeles/Hollywood 12%
New Orleans 37%
New York City 25%
San Francisco 15%


JULY 2010:

Overall, how do you feel about about TCM Spotlight: Charlie Chan Collection?

Very pleased 78%
Pleased 18%
Somewhat pleased 4%
Not pleased 0%


JUNE 2010:

Which film from TCM Spotlight: The Charlie Chan Collection do you enjoy most?

Dark Alibi 37%
Dangerous Money 19%
The Trap 22%
The Chinese Ring 22%


MAY 2010:

If Warner Brothers/TCM releases the final seven Monogram Chan films on DVD, will you buy them?

Yes 94%
No 6%


APRIL 2010:

Do you plan to pre-order the TCM Spotlight: Charlie Chan Collection DVD set?

Yes 76%
No 24%


MARCH 2010:

Who introduced you to Charlie Chan?

My father 11%
My mother 11%
My brother 0%
My sister 0%
Another family member 8%
I discovered him myself 69%



Have you ever seen any episodes of The New Adventures of Charlie Chan television series?

Yes 30%
No 70%



What would be your Charlie Chan wish for 2010?

Warner's Chans on DVD 30%
Chan films seen on TV 13%
The Lucy Liu Chan film 3%
A lost Chan film found 54%



The first Charlie Chan films that I recall watching were made by:

20th Century-Fox 74%
Monogram Pictures 26%



When is Charlie Chan's "birthday"?

Chang Apana's birthday (1871) 17%
Warner Oland's birthday (1879) 3%
Earl Derr Biggers' birthday (1884) 33%
First Chan novel (1925) 39%
First Chan film (1926) 8%



Which film, in your opinion, has the better beach scenes?

The Black Camel 77%
The Trap 23%



Regarding the culture of the time, which decade do you prefer in Charlie Chan films?

The 1930s 61%
The 1940s 39%


AUGUST 2009:

If a Charlie Chan museum were to be established, where should it be located?

Warren, Ohio, Biggers' hometown 15%
Pasadena, California, Biggers' home 7%
Honolulu, Hawaii, Charlie Chan's home 62%
Hollywood, California 13%
Other 3%


JULY 2009:

What is your favorite "air travel" Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan at the Olympics 28%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 48%
Murder Over New York 21%
The Sky Dragon 3%


JUNE 2009:

Who, in your opinion, could produce the best Charlie Chan film today?

A Hollywood studio 28%
An independent studio 31%
Commercial television 1%
British television 40%


MAY 2009:

How did you first see a Charlie Chan film?

In a movie theater 5%
On television 81%
On a DVD/video tape 11%


APRIL 2009:

How many of the Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan stories have you read?

None 33%
One 6%
More than one 39%
All of them 22%


MARCH 2009:

Do you consider Behind That Curtain to be a part of the Charlie Chan series proper?

Yes 36%
No 64%



How often do you read our Charlie Chan Sunday Comics page?

Always 10%
Often 10%
Sometimes 38%
Never 41%



What is your Charlie Chan wish for this year?

A "lost" film will be found 44%
Warner will release Chan films 23%
More Chan films on TV 27%
See people adopt Chan's ethics 5%



My preference for our weekly Chat/Film Viewings would be to watch our Charlie Chan films:

in chronological order 76%
as randomly chosen 24%



Who may have deposited Allen Colby's body during the séance in Charlie Chan's Secret?

Baxter 21%
Ulrich 21%
Prof. Bowen (mechanically) 24%
Someone else 34% 



How do you feel about the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 5 DVD set from Fox?

Very pleased 80%
Pleased 16%
Not pleased 4%



Do you think that Sidney Toler brought new life to Charlie Chan when he took on the role in 1938?

Yes 86%
No 14%


AUGUST 2008:

Do you plan to purchase the 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 5 DVD set?

Yes 49%
Yes, I have pre-ordered! 42%
Yes, more than one set! 5%
Not sure 2%
No 0% 


JULY 2008:

What is your favorite Chan sibling pairing in a Charlie Chan movie?

Jimmy/Tommy (Charlie Chan in Honolulu) 42%
Jimmy/Willie (Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise) 32%
Tommy/Iris (Charlie Chan in the Secret Service12%
Lee/Tommy (The Feathered Serpent14%


JUNE 2008:

Which is your favorite Chan DVD set volume from the those released thus far by 20th Century-Fox?

Volume 1 24%
Volume 2 20%
Volume 3 19%
Volume 4 37%


MAY 2008:

How do you feel about Charlie Chan's assistant, Kashimo, as seen in The Black Camel?

Like him 31%
Dislike him 47%
No opinion 22%


APRIL 2008:

With TCM scheduling four Charlie Chan films on June 10, do you think we will see more Chan on TV?

Yes 95%
No 5%


MARCH 2008:

How do you feel about the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 4 DVD set from Fox?

Very pleased 96%
Pleased 4%
Not pleased 0%



Do you plan to purchase the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 4 DVD set?

Yes 83%
Yes, more than one set! 11%
Not sure 4%
No 2%



Had Roland Winters made more Charlie Chan films, he would today compare better with Oland and Toler.

Agree 26%
Disagree 74%



Which do you prefer: Charlie Chan's adventures at home (Honolulu) or his adventures abroad?

Home 28%
Abroad 72%



Charlie Chan has thrived and will continue to thrive, despite today's politically correct climate.

Agree 97%
Disagree 3%



Do you think that 20th Century-Fox will release the rest of their Charlie Chan films on DVD?

Yes 98%
No 2%



How do you feel about the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 3 DVD set from Fox?

Very pleased 95%
Pleased 3%
Not pleased 1%


AUGUST 2007:

Do you plan to purchase the 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan Collection, Vol. 3 DVD set?

Yes 79%
Yes, more than one set! 11%
Not sure 4%
No 4%


JULY 2007:

Do you think that any of the four "lost" Charlie Chan films will ever be found?

Yes 71%
No 28%


JUNE 2007:

Why do you think that, at the end of the Chan series, Charlie Chan settles in San Francisco?

His honorable wife passed away 23%
Son Tommy passed away 0%
Both Mrs. Chan and Tommy died 12%
The Chans separated 2%
Chan needed the work 7%
None of the above 51%


MAY 2007:

As TCM is airing more Charlie Chan films in upcoming months, would you like to see a mini-marathon?

Yes 100%
No 0%


APRIL 2007:

Will 20th Century-Fox release more Charlie Chan DVD sets?

Yes 96%
No 4%


MARCH 2007:

Would you purchase future Charlie Chan DVD set releases from 20th Century-Fox?

Yes 98%
No 2%



As TCM is going to air a Charlie Chan film in March, will this modest step lead to MORE Chan on TV?

Yes 92%
No 8%



How do you feel about the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 2 DVD set from Fox?

Very pleased 88%
Pleased 7%
Not pleased 3%



Do you plan to purchase the 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 2 DVD set?

Yes 70%
Yes, more than one set! 9%
Note sure 4%
No 12%



Regarding Charlie Chan, what are you most thankful for?

We have many films available 23%
"Chan Colection, Vol. 1" 1%
Upcoming Fox DVD set(s) 0%
Probable Warner DVD releases 1%
All of the above 72%



Which, in your opinion, will we see first?

A "lost" Chan film found 42%
A GOOD new Chan movie 3%
A Chan film on TV 53%



Which nightclub would you like to visit?

Cafe du Singe Bleu (Charlie Chan in Paris16%
Hottentot Club (Charlie Chan on Broadway) 37%
Manolo's Cabaret (Charlie Chan in Panama) 8%
Carioca Casino (Charlie Chan in Rio37%
Capitol Night Club (The Red Dragon) 0%
Mango Inn (Dangerous Money) 0%


AUGUST 2006:

In your opinion, what is the best "shipboard" Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan Carries On 5%
Charlie Chan at the Race Track 18%
Charlie Chan in Honolulu 18%
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise 33%
Dead Men Tell 24%
Dangerous Money 0%


JULY 2006:

Did the overall quality of the Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 1 match your expectations?

Yes 57%
Yes - it exceeded them! 40%
No 4%


JUNE 2006:

Do you plan to purchase the 20th Century-Fox Charlie Chan Collection, Volume 1 DVD set?

Yes 80%
Yes, more than one set! 9%
Not sure 6%
No 4%


MAY 2006:

In your opinion, who is the best one-timer Chan "sidekick/assistant"?

Kashimo (The Black Camel12%
Snowshoes (Charlie Chan in Egypt42%
Baxter (Charlie Chan's Secret35%
Marcel (City in Darkness10%


APRIL 2006:

Who is the most aggravating character in a Charlie Chan film?

Kashimo (The Black Camel33%
Bunny Fothergill (Charlie Chan in London5%
Max Corday (Charlie Chan in Paris38%
Barry Arnold (Charlie Chan in Egypt3%
Marcel Spivak (City in Darkness11%
Miss Finch (Charlie Chan in Panama7%
Mrs. Winters (Charlie Chan in the Secret Service0%


MARCH 2006:

Have you ever seen a Charlie Chan movie on the big screen?

Yes 27%
No 73%



Please choose your favorite Victor Sen Yung MONOGRAM Chan film:

Shadows Over Chinatown 25%
Dangerous Money 28%
The Trap 8%
The Chinese Ring 8%
Docks of New Orleans 11%
The Shanghai Chest 5%
The Golden Eye 2%
The Feathered Serpent 8%



Please choose your favorite Victor Sen Yung FOX Chan film:

Charlie Chan in Honolulu 3%
Charlie Chan in Reno 11%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 22%
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise 1%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 6%
Charlie Chan in Panama 6%
Murder Over New York 7%
Dead Men Tell 2%
Charlie Chan in Rio 7%
Castle in the Desert 21%



If Fox does, indeed, release their Charlie Chan movies on DVD during 2006, do you plan to buy them?

Yes 92%
No 2%
Not sure 4%



When did you "discover" Charlie Chan?

1920s 0%
1930s 2%
1940s 5%
1950s 32%
1960s 15%
1970s 18%
1980s 12%
1990s 6%
2000s 7%



Please make your choice for the best performance of mystical powers:

Tarneverro (The Black Camel9%
Carlotta (Charlie Chan's Secret3%
Eve Cairo (Charlie Chan at Treasure Island40%
Dr. Zodiac (Charlie Chan at Treasure Island28%
The Walters (Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise0%
Marana (Charlie Chan in Rio3%
Madame Saturnia (Castle in the Desert12%
Chardo (Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight3%



Who was the first actor that you recall seeing as Charlie Chan?

Warner Oland 35%
Sidney Toler 60%
Roland Winters 3%
Other 1%


AUGUST 2005:

Where did you "discover" Charlie Chan?

Movie theater 12%
Television 73%
Video tape/DVD 3%
Radio 3%
Comics 0%
Other 2%


JULY 2005:

At what age did you "discover" Charlie Chan?

Up to 10 43%
11 - 20 35%
21 - 30 9%
31 - 40 3%
41 - 50 2%
Over 50 3%


JUNE 2005:

Please choose your favorite Chan film to incorporate historic, event-specific, footage.

Charlie Chan at the Olympics 76%
City in Darkness 24%
The Shanghai Cobra 0%


MAY 2005:

The Black Camel (Honolulu) and The Trap (Malibu) were shot on location. Your choice, please:

The Black Camel 81%
The Trap 19%


APRIL 2005:

Which of these Chan sons do you think probably got married first?

Lee 39%
Jimmy 28%
Tommy 15%
Edward (Eddie) 7%
Charlie, Jr. 5%
Willie 2%


MARCH 2005:

If Lucy Liu does make a "Charlie Chan" movie, how optimistic will you be of its quality/content? 

Very optimistic 17%
Guardedly optimistic 38%
Not optimistic 43%



What is your favorite "rainy" Charlie Chan movie?

Charlie Chan in Paris (arrival scene) 7%
Charlie Chan at the Opera (first scenes) 11%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 64%
The Shanghai Cobra (opening scene) 14%
Shadows Over Chinatown (bus) 1%



What, in your opinion, is the best film version of an Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan Novel?

Charlie Chan Carries On 8%
The Black Camel 64%
Charlie Chan's Chance 8%
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case 16%
Charlie Chan's Courage 4%



Which of the following transportation modes used by Charlie Chan is your favorite?

Ship/Boat 49%
Car/Bus/Taxi 13%
Airplane 11%
Train 2%
Zeppelin 18%
Donkey 4%



What is your favorite Charlie Chan "remake"?

Charlie Chan in Rio 25%
Murder Over New York 31%
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise 43%



Which Charlie Chan movie is the "spookiest"?

Charlie Chan in Egypt 12%
Charlie Chan's Secret 11%
Charlie Chan at the Opera 8%
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island 11%
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum 27%
Dead Men Tell 14%
Castle in the Desert 9%
The Chinese Cat 0%
Meeting at Midnight 4%



Which of the movies in the "Charlie Chan Chanthology" is your favorite?

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service 14%
The Chinese Cat 21%
Meeting at Midnight 28%
The Jade Mask 10%
The Scarlet Clue 7%
The Shanghai Cobra 17%


AUGUST 2004:

What is your favorite Keye Luke Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan in Paris 3%
Charlie Chan in Shanghai 11%
Charlie Chan at the Circus 16%
Charlie Chan at the Race Track 13%
Charlie Chan at the Opera 15%
Charlie Chan at the Olympics 12%
Charlie Chan on Broadway 8%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo 5%
The Feathered Serpent 1%
The Sky Dragon 5%


JULY 2004:

How many "Charlie Chan Chanthology" sets do you plan to purchase?

One 51%
Two 10%
Three 34%
None 4%


JUNE 2004:

Please choose your favorite tropical Charlie Chan film:

The Black Camel 16%
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case (lost) 0%
Charlie Chan in Honolulu 28%
Charlie Chan in Panama 35%
Charlie Chan in Rio 12%
Dangerous Money 7%


MAY 2004:

Which meal would you like to have with the Chan family? 

Breakfast (The Black Camel14%
Dinner (Charlie Chan in Honolulu) 86%


APRIL 2004:

Please choose your favorite location for a Charlie Chan film:

Honolulu 34%
U.S. mainland 23%
Latin America 5%
Europe (including England) 6%
North Africa (Egypt) 3%
Asia (Shanghai) 5%
Aboard ship 21%


MARCH 2004:

Who gives the best singing performance in a Charlie Chan film?

Charlie Chan (Charlie Chan in Shanghai) 21%
Lilli Rochelle (Charlie Chan at the Opera) 6%
Gravelle (Charlie Chan at the Opera) 40%
Kathi Lenesch (Charlie Chan in Panama) 6%
Lola Dean (Charlie Chan in Rio) 24%
Countess Irena (The Red Dragon) 3%              



Who is your favorite Mrs. Chan?

Annie Mar (Charlie Chan at the Circus45%
Grace Key (Charlie Chan in Honolulu55%           



Please choose your favorite Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan story:

The House Without a Key  27%
The Chinese Parrot  23%
Behind That Curtain  4%
The Black Camel  31%
Charlie Chan Carries On  11%
Keeper of the Keys  4%           



With Toler's passing (1947), which ASIAN actor could have best played Chan?

Philip Ahn  20%
Luke Chan  8%
Keye Luke  62%
Lee Tung Foo  10%



Which of the three Charlie Chan portrayals best matches your own temperment?

Warner Oland's Chan  34%
Sidney Toler's Chan  63%
Roland Winters' Chan  3%           



Which would YOU choose to air Charlie Chan movies in the future?

American Movie Classics  29%
Fox Movie Channel  14%
Turner Classic Movies  55%
Other  2%           



Which Charlie Chan movie animal is your favorite?

Tony, the "Chinese Parrot" (Charlie Chan's Courage2%
Hellcat, the horse (Charlie Chan in London4%
Lucifer, the cat (Charlie Chan's Secret9%
Avalanche, the racehorse (Charlie Chan at the Race Track6%
Lollipop, the monkey (Charlie Chan at the Race Track27%
Oscar, the lion (Charlie Chan in Honolulu38%
Priscilla, the cat (Charlie Chan in Reno6%
Gertie, the parrot (Dead Men Tell4%
The turtle with the flashlight (Dangerous Money4%           


AUGUST 2003:

Will Charlie Chan movies ever be shown on major TV channels again?

Yes  79%
No  21%           


JULY 2003:

What have you done to return Charlie Chan to The Fox Movie Channel?

Used their comment mail  55%
Wrote to them  6%
Telephoned them  1%
Two or more of the above  23%
None of the above  15%           


JUNE 2003:

Of the six Roland Winters films, which is your favorite?

The Golden Eye  20%
The Shanghai Chest  20%
Docks of New Orleans  18%
The Feathered Serpent  16%
The Chinese Ring  15%
The Sky Dragon  11%           


MAY 2003:

Which film has the most "authentic" French feel?
Charlie Chan in Paris  48%
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo  27%
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness  25%           


APRIL 2003:

Which Chan offspring "one-timer" is your favorite?
Marianne Quon as Iris Chan  39%
Frances Chan as Frances Chan  36%
Edwin Luke as Edward Chan  25%              


MARCH 2003:

Which film best portrays the Chan family?
Charlie Chan in Honolulu  59%
Charlie Chan at the Circus  33%
The Black Camel  8%           


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