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Charlie Chan Sunday Comics

On October 30, 1938, a Sunday comic strip featuring Charlie Chan made its debut in newspapers across the United States and Canada.  Drawn by noted artist Alfred Andriola, the series lasted for nearly four years, ending on May 31, 1942.  Each Sunday, we will offer one of these delightful vintage comics for your reading - and viewing - pleasure.

Although our collection of original Charlie Chan Sunday Comics is extensive and continues to inch toward completeness when possible, there are occasional "holes," sometimes several in succession, that are filled with reproductions.  When this becomes necessary, this fact is noted following that comic's original release date.

To view last week's issue of our Charlie Chan Sunday Comics, and more, as our collection grows, please visit our Charlie Chan Sunday Comics Archive.  Also, please view our selections of Charlie Chan DAILY Comics...


Sunday, May 31, 1942:

With this installment of the Charlie Chan newspaper series, we come to its conclusion which occurred on Sunday, May 31, 1942.  Our presentation, dear reader, will also come to a several month hiatus.  Please look for its resumption on Sunday, October 29, 2017 as we begin anew another two-and-a-half year long representation of our Charlie Chan Sunday Comics!  In the meantime, you may access our collection of the Chan comics at the links located above HERE
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