The House on Punchbowl Hill


"One picture still worth ten thousand words."


You have now entered, dear visitor, the NEW Gallery of our humble House on Punchbowl Hill, the Charlie Chan Family Home.  As we add material from our collection, we will only be presenting original material from our physical collection as well as that which may be contributed by others from their own personal collections. This will be an ongoing endeavor as everything is brought into our Gallery, so your kind patience is requested as this process proceeds one film at a time.
Please note, below, our Gallery Directory.  This will hopefully assist you in accessing the various sections of our growing collection of images consisting mainly of publicity stills from each of the movies comprising the Charlie Chan film series and, eventually, more.  Again, thank you so much for your patience as we move forward...


Charlie Chan Carries On

6 items on view.

The Black Camel

7 items on view.

Charlie Chan's Chance

11 items on view.

Charlie Chan's Greatest Case

33 items on view.

Charlie Chan's Courage

18 items on view.

Charlie Chan in London

6 items on view.

Charlie Chan in Paris

7 items on view.

Charlie Chan in Egypt

7 items on view.

Charlie Chan in Shanghai

10 items on view.

Charlie Chan's Secret

17 items on view.

Charlie Chan at the Circus

16 items on view.

Charlie Chan at the Race Track

12 items on view.

Charlie Chan at the Opera

7 items on view.


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