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Welcome to our Bulletin Board.  In this section of our Charlie Chan family Home we post current information on events, releases, etc. that relate to Charlie Chan.  If you would like us to include some Chan-related item of interest that we may have overlooked, please mail us the information.


Please pay a visit to our NEW Gallery:

As we add material to our Gallery from our collection, we will only be presenting original material from our physical collection as well as that which may be contributed by others from their own personal collections. This will be an ongoing endeavor as everything is brought into our Gallery, so your kind patience is requested as this process proceeds one film at a time.


Please note our recent additions to our STUDY:

Misc. 57

The playbill for the Fulton Theatre stage production of Keeper of the Keys: The cover and pertinent pages from the playbill for the stage production of Earl Derr Biggers' The Keeper of the Keys(From:; originally published: October 18, 1933) (Contributed by Lou Armagno)

Misc. 58

"CHARLIE CHAN ON BROADWAY": A novelette version of the 20th Century-Fox film of the same title, by Edward Churchill (From: Popular Detective, November 1937, volume III, number 1) (Contributed by Clark J. Holloway)

Warner Oland 27

"Warner Oland," by Susan M. Kelly (From:, January 15, 2008)


"Charlie Chan 3-Film Collection"

NO LONGER NEW NEWS, BUT OLD NEWS IS STILL GOOD NEWS!  With the release by Warner Brothers of the FINAL THREE of their Monogram Pictures Charlie Chan movies, we now have available to us ALL existing Charlie Chan films on authorized DVD sets!  Yes, we are now able to add The Red Dragon, The Feathered Serpent, and The Sky Dragon to our collections!  This final offering is called "Charlie Chan 3-Film Collection, " and you may order yours at various locations throughout the Internet!


The Return of Charlie Chan on DVD:

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Return of Charlie Chan starring Ross Martin, an excellent, clear, clean version may be found at for a list price of $14.99 including postage/handling.  The Return of Charlie Chan (Universal - 1972) was a made-for-television movie that could have led to a new TV series.  This picture was not aired on American television until 1979.


Our Yearly Chat Journey Through the Chan Series:

While our "Weekly Chats' originated in March of the year 2000, it was about 17 years ago that we began a series of year-long journeys through the entire Charlie Chan film series, which included a few "side stops" along the way.  This year, we have scheduled additional "side stops" related to the Chan series.  The "side stops" include, but not limited to, Mr. Moto, Mr. Wong, and The New Adventures of Charlie Chan.  It is our hope that you will join us on these special "side stops."

If you do not currently have Mr. Moto's Gamble, the Mr. Wong series, or The New Adventures of Charlie Chan in your collection, it is humbly suggested that you consider purchasing them.  For New Adventures, highly recommended is the DVD set released by The Nostalgia Merchant.  It is the best quality available of the TV series and costs $36.95 plus shipping. is a great source for discount prices for DVDs, including the Mr. Wong series.


"Thank you - so much..."

"Thank you - so much..."

A profound debt of gratitude to those who have contributed items of interest to this humble museum...


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