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A Complete Charlie Chan
Series Cast List

The venerable Charlie Chan film series lasted for close to two decades, beginning in 1931 with Charlie Chan Carries On, ultimately reaching its conclusion in 1949 with The Sky Dragon.  Through the years, numerous actors and actresses provided the threads that wove the rich tapestry on which the exploits of the world-renowned detective were chronicled.  Some persons only appeared briefly in uncredited bit parts, while others were to return on a number of occasions in a variety of roles. 
What follows is as near a complete a list as list as is possible, documenting as many of the on screen participants as can be currently determined.  We have grouped them alphabetically, and their names can be accessed through the links below.


A  AASEN, John - AUBREY, Lois

B  BAILEY, William Norton - BYRON, Walter

C  CADY, Frank - CURTIS, Bob

D  DALE, Virginia - DUVAL, Juan

E  EAGLES, James - EVANSON, Edith

F  FANNING, Frank - FULTON, Doris

G  GADDIS, Michael - GUHL, George

H  HAEFELI, Charles - HYTTEN, Olaf

I  IMHOFF, Roger - IRWIN, Boyd

J  JACKSON, Selmer - JUNG, Shia

K  KARLOFF, Boris - KUM, William

L  LAFAYETTE, Jeanne - LYNN, George

M  MacBRIDE, Donald - MUSE, Clarence

N  NAGEL, Anne - NOVER, Virgil B.

O  OAKLEY, Billie - OTHO, Henry

P  PANZER, Paul W. - PUZZUMS the cat

Q  QUALEN, John - QUON, Marianne


S  SALE, Virginia - SWOR, John

T  TALBOT, Lyle - TYLER, Tom

U  UNG, Florence - USHER, Guy

V  VALERIE, Joan - VONN, Veola

W  WAGENHEIM, Charles - WRIGHT, Jr., Cobina

Y  YAMAOKA, Otto - YUNG, Sen

Z  ZUCCO, George


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