The House on Punchbowl Hill


Complete Cast List


WAGENHEIM, Charles (February 21, 1896; Newark, New Jersey - March 6, 1979; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum: Willie Fern 
The Shanghai CobraRausch 


WAGNER, Max (November 28, 1901; Torreon, Mexico - November 16, 1975; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Taxi Driver
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Joe
Charlie Chan in Panama: Soldier


WALCOTT, George (October 1, 1914; California - August 18, 1964; Alameda, California) 
Murder Over New YorkFirst Mechanic


WALKER, Bill (July 1, 1896; Indiana - January 17, 1992; Woodland Hills, California) 
The Golden EyeGang Member


WALKER, Ray (August 10, 1904; Newark, New Jersey - October 6, 1980; Los Angeles, California) 
Dark AlibiDanvers


WALKER, Wally (August 22, 1900; Missouri - August 7, 1975; Woodland Hills, California) 
Docks of New OrleansChauffeur


WALL, Geraldine (June 24, 1912; Chicago, Illinois - June 22, 1970; Woodland Hills, California)
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight: Harriett Green


WALLACE, Fred (Peoria, Illinois; Active in films from 1930 to 1937) 
Charlie Chan in ParisDance Double


WALLACE, John (August 24, 1869; England - July 16, 1946; Los Angeles County, California) 
Dead Men TellPeg Leg 


WALLACE, Morgan (July 26, 1881; Lompoc, California - December 12, 1953; Tarzana, California)
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsHonorable Charles Zaraka

Morgan Wallace


WALTON, Douglas (October 6, 1910; Toronto, Ontario, Canada - November 15, 1961; New York, New York)
Charlie Chan in LondonPaul Gray (billed as Hugh Gray)


WANG, James (Jimmy Wang) (1863; China - April 20, 1935; Los Angeles, California)
The Black Camel: Wong
Charlie Chan's Chance: Kee Lin
Charlie Chan's Courage: Louie Wong

James Wang


WANG, Richard (Active in films from 1932 to 1954) 
The Chinese RingHamishin


WARBURTON, John (October 20, 1887; Huddersfield, England - October 27, 1981; Sherman Oaks, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case: John Quincy Winterslip

John Warburton


WARD, Anthony (See: WARDE, Anthony)


WARDE, Anthony (November 4, 1908; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 8, 1975; Hollywood, California) 
The Chinese CatCatlen
Dark AlibiJimmy Slade


WARDE, Shirley (January 23, 1901, United States - 1991; Belize City, Belize) 
Murder Over New YorkMrs. Felton 


WARNER, H.B. (October 26, 1875; London, England - December 21, 1958; Woodland Hills, California)
Charlie Chan's Chance: Inspector Fife

H.B. Warner


WARREN, Gloria (Born: April 7, 1926; Wilmington, Delaware) 
Dangerous MoneyRona Simmonds


WARREN, Janet (Active in films and television from 1941 to 1954) 
The Jade MaskJean Kent
The Shanghai CobraLorraine


WARWICK, Robert (October 9, 1878; Sacramento, California - June 6, 1964; West Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest CaseDan Winterslip
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackHonolulu Police Chief Inspector 


WASHINGTON, Blue (February 12, 1898; Los Angeles, California - September 15, 1970; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayDoorman at Hottentot Club
Charlie Chan in HonoluluSeaman 
Charlie Chan in RenoMan in Line-up 


WATKINS, Linda (May 23, 1908; Boston, Massachusetts - October 31, 1976; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan's Chance: Gloria Garland

Linda Watkins


WATKINS, Pierre (Pierre Watkin) (December 29, 1889; Sioux City, Iowa - February 3, 1960; Hollywood, California)
The Shanghai ChestJudge Westley Armstrong 


WATSON, Minor (December 22, 1889; Marianna, Arkansas - July 28, 1965; Alton, Illinois) 
Charlie Chan in ParisInspector Renard 

Minor Watson


WAYNE, Billy (Active in films and television from 1931 to 1958) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Smithers
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Ship's Steward
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Reporter
Charlie Chan in HonoluluSeaman     


WEAVER, Marjorie (March 2, 1913; Crossville, Tennessee - October 1, 1994; Austin, Texas) 
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise: Paula Drake
Murder Over New York: Patricia Shaw (also known as Patricia West, Mrs. Paul Narvo)


WELDON, Robert (Active in films from 1936 to 1942) 
Dead Men TellSteve Daniels 


WHELAN, Arleen (September 1, 1916; Salt Lake City, Utah - April 7, 1993; Orange County, California) 
Castle in the DesertBrenda Hartford 

Arleen Whelan


WHITE, Lee "Lasses" (August 28, 1888; Wills Point, Texas - December 16, 1949; Hollywood, California) 
The Golden EyePete


WHITE, Leo (November 10, 1882; Graudenz, Germany - September 20, 1948; Glendale, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloFrench Butler 


WHITE, Marjorie (July 22, 1908; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - May 23, 1935; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan Carries On: Sadie Minchin
The Black Camel: Rita Ballou

Marjorie White


WHITEHEAD, Joe (October 14, 1922; Queens, New York - January 1969; United States) 
The Jade MaskDr. Samuel R. Peabody
The Sky DragonDoorman

Joe Whitehead


WHITLEY, Crane (October 28, 1899; New York, New York - February 28, 1958; Los Angeles, California) 
The Scarlet Clue: Cooper


WILLIAMS, Charles (September 27, 1898; Albany, New York - January 3, 1958; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Reporter #1
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Meeker


WILLIS, Norman (May 27, 1903; Chicago, Illinois - January 27, 1988; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Gangster


WILTON, Eric (November 6, 1882; London, England - February 23, 1957; Los Angeles, California) 
Castle in the DesertWilson
Docks of New OrleansWatkins


WINDHEIM, Marek (1894; Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire - December 1, 1960; New York, New York) 

City in DarknessTaxicab Driver 


WINTERS, Roland (November 22, 1904; Boston, Massachusetts - October 22, 1989; Englewood, New Jersey) 
The Chinese Ring: Charlie Chan
Docks of New Orleans: Charlie Chan
The Shanghai Chest: Charlie Chan
The Golden Eye: Charlie Chan (also posing as "Chan, dealer in Oriental curios")
The Feathered Serpent: Charlie Chan
The Sky Dragon: Charlie Chan


WITHERSPOON, Cora (January 5, 1890; New Orleans, Louisiana - November 17, 1957; Las Cruces, New Mexico) 
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseSusie Watson


WONG, Barbara Jean (March 3, 1924; Los Angeles, California - November 13, 1999; Tarzana, California) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluNumber Three Chan Daughter
The Red DragonIris ling 
The TrapSan Toy
The Chinese RingPrincess Mei Ling

Barbara Jean Wong


WONG, Beal (May 11, 1906; Los Angeles, California - February 6, 1962; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Reporter


WONG, Iris (September 20, 1920; Watsonville, California - September 2, 1989; Honolulu, Hawaii) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluNumber Two Chan Daughter
Charlie Chan in RenoChoy Wong
Charlie Chan in RioLili Wong

Iris Wong


WONG, Jean (See: WONG, Barbara Jean)


WONG, Jehim (March 6, 1910; California - August 3, 1969; Sacramento, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Ricksha Boy


WONG, Walter (Active in films from 1935 to 1936)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Waiter


WONG, Willie (W. Beal Wong) (May 11, 1906; Los Angeles, California - February 6, 1962; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in ShanghaiReporter 


WOOD, Allen (August 17, 1906 - June 7, 1984; Scottsdale, Arizona)
Charlie Chan on BroadwayBellhop


WOOD, Helen (June 4, 1917; Clarksville, Tennessee - February 8, 1988; Burbank, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackAlice Fenton

Helen Wood


WOODBURY, Joan (December 17, 1915; Los Angeles, California - February 22, 1989; Desert Hot Springs, California) 
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Exotic Dancer
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Opera Dancer
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Marie Collins
The Chinese Cat: Leah Manning

Joan Woodbury


WOODS, Donald (December 2, 1906; Brandon, Manitoba, Canada - March 5, 1998; Palm Springs, California)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Bob Crawford
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Speed Patten

Donald Woods


WORLOCK, Frederick (December 14, 1886; London, England - August 1, 1973; Woodland Hills, California) 
Murder Over New YorkHugh Drake


WORTH, David (Active in films from 1931 to 1936)
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackDetective 


WRIGHT, Jr., Cobina (Cobina Wright) (Born: August 14, 1921; New York, New York - September 1, 2011; Solvang, California) 
Charlie Chan in RioGrace Ellis



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