The House on Punchbowl Hill


Complete Cast List


SALE, Virginia (May 20, 1899; Urbana, Illinois - August 23, 1992; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan in RenoMaid


SARDO, Cosmo (March 7, 1909; Boston, Massachusetts - July 14, 1989; Los Angeles County, California)
The Sky DragonPilot at Gate 


SCARDON, Paul (May 6, 1874; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - January 17, 1954; Fontana, California) 
The Shanghai ChestCemetery Custodian

Paul Scardon


SCHUMANN-HEINK, Ferdinand (August 9, 1893; Hamburg, Germany - September 15, 1958; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsOfficer on the Hindenberg


SEDAN, Rolfe (January 20, 1896; New York, New York - September 16, 1982; Pacific Pallisades, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Bank Teller
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness: Hotel Manager           


SEELEY, Perry E. (Active in films 1937) 
Charlie Chan at the Olympics

Perry E. Seeley


SEIDEL, Tom (March 11, 1917; Indianapolis, Indiana - December 7, 1992; California) 
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessPhillip


SEROFF, Muni (January 8, 1895; Kishinev, Russia - December 1979; Brooklyn, New York) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServicePeter Laska

Muni Seroff


SEWARD, Billie (October 23, 1912; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - March 20, 1982; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandBessie Sibley


SHARPE, Lester (March 21, 1894; New York, New York - November 30, 1962; Los Angeles, California)
City in Darkness: Market Man


SHAW, C. Montague (March 23, 1882; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia - February 6, 1968; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan in London: Doctor
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise: Inspector John Duff           

C. Montague Shaw


SHAW, Janet (January 23, 1919; Beatrice, Nebraska - October 15, 2001; Beatrice, Nebraska) 
The Scarlet ClueGloria Bayne
Dark AlibiMiss Petrie           

Janet Shaw


SHAW, Montague (See: SHAW, C. Montague)


SHAW, Robert (September 15, 1915; Dallas, Texas - January 3, 2005; Austin, Texas) 
Charlie Chan in RenoCollege Student

Robert Shaw


SHAY, John (July 21, 1915; Chicago, Illinois - February 21, 2010; Irvine, California) 
The Shanghai ChestDr. Stacey


SHEFFIELD, Reginald (February 18, 1901; London, England - December 8, 1957; Pacific Pallisades, California) 
Charlie Chan in London: Flight Commander King


SHERLOCK, Charles (July 9, 1900; Chicago, Illinois - May 1, 1983; North Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan in PanamaSoldier
The Scarlet ClueSergeant McGraw           

Charles Sherlock


SHIMADA, Teru (November 17, 1905; Mito, Japan - June 19, 1988; Encino, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Jiu Jitsu Man


SHUMWAY, Lee (March 4, 1884; Salt Lake City, Utah - June 4, 1959; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OperaSanitarium Guard
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsNew York Police Officer
Charlie Chan on BroadwayPolice Officer           


SILVERHEELS, Jay (May 26, 1912; Six Nations Reservation, Brantford, Ontario, Canada - March 5, 1980; Woodland Hills, California)
The Feathered Serpent: Diego


SIMPSON, Ivan F. (February 4, 1875; Glasgow, Scotland - October 12, 1951; New York, New York) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest CaseT.M. Brade 

Ivan Simpson


SKETCHLEY, Les (Leslie Sketchley) (August 17, 1902; London, England - October 14, 1972; San Bernardino, California)
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Seaman


SOMERS, Cap (April 27, 1893; Atlantic City, New Jersey - September 18, 1970; Los Angeles, California)
The Chinese Ring: Dock Worker
Docks of New Orleans: Security Guard
The Shanghai Chest: Convict


SOMERSET, Pat (February 28, 1897; London, England - April 20, 1974; Apple Valley, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Reporter


SOO HOO, Eunice (Born: Circa 1935; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the CircusInfant Chan Daughter

Eunice Soo Hoo


SOREL, George (March 24, 1901; Odessa, Kherson Governate, Russian Empire - January 19, 1948; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloGendarme
City in DarknessPlainclothes Officer           


SPAULDING, George L. (George Spaulding) (July 6, 1881; Boulder, Colorado - August 23, 1959; Los Angeles, California) 
The Chinese RingDr. Hickey
The Golden Eye: Dr. Groves           


SPENCER, James P. (January 2, 1893; Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii - June 28, 1943, Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluHawaiian Peddler


STACK, William (March 5, 1882; Baker, Oregon - January 15, 1949; Pasadena, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest CaseJames Eagan 

William Stack




STANLEY, Edwin (Ed Stanley) (November 22, 1880; Chicago, Illinois - December 25, 1944; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayLaboratory Expert
Charlie Chan in RenoPolice Chemist
Charlie Chan in PanamaGovernor D.C. Webster (also known as Colonel D.C. Webster)           

Edwin Stanley


STANTON, Paul (December 21, 1884; Illinois - October 9, 1955; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan at the CircusJoe Kinney 


STEERS, Larry (February 14, 1888; Indiana - February 15, 1951; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Railbird
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness: Man Leaving Paris
Docks of New OrleansDoctor           

Larry Steers


STEPHENS, Frank (Active in films and television from 1944 to 1952) 
Docks of New OrleansSergeant


STEVENS, Charles (May 26, 1893; Solomonsville, Arizona - August 22, 1964; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan in PanamaSpy on Dock
The Feathered SerpentManuel           

Charles Stevens


STEVENS, Landers (February 17, 1877; San Francisco, California - December 19, 1940; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Bank Attendant
Charlie Chan's Secret: Coroner           


STOCKDALE, Carl (February 19, 1874; Worthington, Minnesota - March 15, 1953; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Train Station Lounger


STONE, Arthur (November 28, 1883; St. Louis, Missouri - September 4, 1940; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in EgyptDragoman

Arthur Stone


STONE, Doris (December 15, 1895; Selah, Washington - July 27, 1981; Salem, Oregon) 
Charlie Chan in London: Manor Guest


STONE, Milburn (July 5, 1904; Burrton, Kansas - June 12, 1980; La Jolla, California) 
The Sky DragonCaptain Tim Norton 

Milburn Stone


STRANG, Harry (December 10, 1892; Clifton, Virginia - April 10, 1972; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Chauffeur
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Detective
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Police Officer
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandTaxicab Dispatcher
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseGuard           

Harry Strang


STUTENROTH, Gene (Gene Roth) (January 8, 1903; Redfield, South Dakota - July 19, 1976; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceLuis Philipe Vega (alias Philipe von Vegon)
The Shanghai CobraMorgan           

Gene Stutenroth


SULLIVAN, Brick (July 18, 1899; Beresford, South Dakota - September 4, 1959; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's SecretPolice Officer
Dead Men TellPolice Sergeant           

Brick Sullivan


SULLIVAN, Charlie (Charles Sullivan) (April 24, 1899; Monroe, Louisiana - June 25, 1972; Los Angeles, California) 
The Shanghai ChestOfficer Murphy


SUMMERVILLE, Slim (July 10, 1892; Albuquerque, New Mexico - January 6, 1949; Laguna Beach, California) 
Charlie Chan in RenoSheriff "Tombstone" Fletcher

Slim Summerville


SUTTON, John (October 22, 1908; Rawalpindi, British India - July 10, 1963; Cannes, France) 
Murder Over New YorkKeith Jeffrey (alias Paul Narvo)

John Sutton


SWOR, John (November 23, 1877; Paris, Tennessee - July 15, 1965; Dallas, Texas) 
Charlie Chan Carries On: Elmer Benbow



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