The House on Punchbowl Hill


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RAIMANDO, Toni (August 4, 1920; Los Angeles, California - May 1, 2006; Avon, Ohio) 
The Red DragonWoman in Powder Room


RAMBEAU, Regina (December 1, 1904 - January 6, 1997; Detroit, Michigan)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai


RANKIN, Arthur (August 30, 1900; New York, New York - March 23, 1947; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in RenoBellboy
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandAirline Official


RANKIN, Caroline "Spike" (August 22, 1880; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - February 2, 1953; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsHotel Landlady

Caroline "Spike" Rankin


RAQUELLO, Edward (May 14, 1900; Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire - August 24, 1976; New York, New York) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloPaul Savarin


REEVES, George (January 5, 1914; Woolstock, Iowa - June 16, 1959; Beverly Hills, California) 
Dead Men TellBill Lydig

George Reeves

George Reeves


REGAS, George (November 9, 1890; Sparta, Greece - December 13, 1940; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Hindu

George Regas


REICHER, Frank (December 2, 1875; Munich, Germany - January 19, 1965; Playa Del Rey, California) 
Charlie Chan in EgyptDr. Jaipur 
The Jade MaskHarper

Frank Reicher


REINER, Maxine (March 13, 1916 - June 19, 2003; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at the CircusMarie Norman


RENAVENT, Georges (April 23, 1894; Paris, France - January 2, 1969; Guadalajara, Mexico) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloRenault


REVIER, Dorothy (April 18, 1904; San Francisco, California - November 19, 1993; Hollywood, California) 
The Black Camel: Shelah Fane

Dorothy Revier

Dorothy Revier


RHODES, Eric (February 10, 1906; El Reno, Indian Territory [Oklahoma] - February 17, 1990; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 
Charlie Chan in ParisMax Corday

Eric Rhodes

Eric Rhodes


RICE, Frank (May 13, 1892; Muskegon, Michigan - January 9, 1936; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Prospector


RICHARDS, Addison (October 20, 1887; Zanesville, Ohio - March 22, 1964; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in PanamaR.J. Godley
The Shanghai CobraJohn Adams (alias Jan van Horn)

Addison Richards


RICHARDSON, Jack (November 18, 1883; New York, New York - November 17, 1957; Santa Barbara, California) 
The Shanghai CobraMailman


RICHMOND, Kane (December 23, 1906; Mineapolis, Minnesota - March 22, 1973; Corona Del Mar, California) 
Charlie Chan in RenoCurtis Whitman
Charlie Chan in PanamaRichard Cabot
Murder Over New YorkRalph Percy           

Kane Richmond


RING, Cyril (December 5, 1892; Boston, Massachusetts - July 17, 1967; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackRace Track Extra
Charlie Chan on BroadwayCandid Camera Fan at Hottentot Club


ROBARDS, Sr., Jason (December 31, 1892; Hillsdale, Michigan - May 4, 1963; Sherman Oaks, California) 
Charlie Chan Carries On: Walter Honywood


ROBERTS, Thayer (June 21, 1902; Missouri - February 28, 1968; Hollywood, California) 
The Chinese RingCaptain James J. Kelso

Thayer Roberts


ROBINSON, Dewey (August 17, 1898; New Haven, Connecticut - December 11, 1950; Las Vegas, Nevada) 
The Chinese CatSalos


ROGERS, Jean (March 25, 1916; Belmont, Massachusetts - February 24, 1991; Sherman Oaks, California) 
Charlie Chan in PanamaKathi Lenesch (also known as Kathi von Tzardas and Baroness von Tzardas)

Jean Rogers

Jean Rogers


ROGERS, John (August 27, 1888; Manchester, England - July 21, 1963; San Bernardino County, California)
Charlie Chan Carries On: Martin
Charlie Chan in LondonLake
Charlie Chan at the Race TrackMooney

John Rogers


ROMANOFF, Constantine (July 5, 1897; St. Petersburg, Russia - November 13, 1977; Marin County, California) 
Charlie Chan in Honolulu"Stanislov Usepopokovski"


ROMANTINI, Joseph (August 27, 1899; Georgia - November 1, 1976; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloAttach
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessGendarme


ROMERO, Cesar (February 15, 1907; New York, New York - January 1, 1994; Santa Monica, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandFred Rhadini (alias Dr. Zodiac)

Cesaro Romero

Cesar Romero


ROSS, Milton (c. 1881; California - Deceased) 
The Feathered SerpentPete


ROWAN, Don (January 22, 1905; New Haven, Connecticutt - February 17, 1966; Rocky Hill, Connecticut) 
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Police Officer


ROY, Gloria (Active in films from 1933 to 1940) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest CaseArlene Compton 
Charlie Chan in Paris
Charlie Chan in Egypt
Charlie Chan's Secret: Carlotta
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Catherine Chester
Charlie Chan on Broadway: Hat Check Girl
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Airline Passenger
Charlie Chan in Panama: Hostess

Gloria Roy


ROYCE, Lionel (March 30, 1881; Dolina, Austria-Hungary - April 1, 1946; Manila, Philippines)
Charlie Chan in Panama: Dr. Rudolph Grosser


ROZELLE, Rita (October 17, 1909; Detroit, Michigan - Deceased)
The Black Camel: Luana

Rita Rozelle


RUHL, Bill (See: RUHL, William)


RUHL, William (October 25, 1901; Oregon - March 12, 1956; Hollywood, California) 
The Shanghai CobraGregory
Dark AlibiThompson
The Shanghai ChestJailer

William Ruhl


RUSSELL, Mavis (Active in films from 1946 to 1953) 
Dangerous MoneyFreddie Kirk's Assistant


RYAN, Sheila (June 8, 1921; Topeka, Kansas - November 4, 1975; Woodland Hills, California) 
Dead Men TellKate Ramsome 

Sheila Ryan


RYAN, Tim (July 5, 1899; Bayonne, New Jersey - October 22, 1956; Hollywood, California) 
Dead Men TellRed Eye (Bartender)
Dark AlibiFoggy
The Shanghai ChestLt. Mike Ruark
The Golden EyeLt. Mike Ruark (also posing as Mr. O'Brien)
The Sky DragonLt. Mike Ruark

Tim Ryan



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