The House on Punchbowl Hill


Complete Cast List


GADDIS, Michael (June 2, 1913; Iowa - June 8, 1998, Port Hueneme, California) 
The Golden EyePursuer


GALE, June (July 6, 1911; San Francisco, California - November 13, 1996; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandMyra Rhadini

June Gale

June Gale


GALLAUDET, John (August 23, 1903; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - November 5, 1983; Los Angeles, California) 
Shadows Over ChinatownJeff Hay (alias for Craig Winfield)
Docks of New OrleansCaptain Pete McNalley


GARGAN, Edward (July 17, 1902; Brooklyn, New York- February 19, 1964; New York, New York, California) 
Charlie Chan in PanamaPlant Workman 


GARGAN, Jack (February 8, 1900; Birtney, Durham, England - September 30, 1958; Los Angeles, California) 
The Golden EyeVoice From Darkness


GARRALAGA, Martin (November 10, 1894; Barcelona, Spain - June 12, 1981; Woodland Hills, California)
The Feathered Serpent: Pedro Francisco Lopez


GARRICK, John (August 31, 1902; Brighton, England - October 22, 1966; San Francisco, California) 
Charlie Chan Carries On: Mark Kenaway

John Garrick


GAWTHORNE, Peter (September 1, 1884; Queen's County, Ireland - March 17, 1962; London, England) 
Charlie Chan Carries On: Inspector Duff

Peter Gawthorne


GAYE, Gregory (October 10, 1900; St. Petersburg, Russia - August 23, 1993; Studio City, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OperaEnrico Borelli


GEARY, Bud (February 15, 1898; Salt Lake City, Utah - February 22, 1946; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan's SecretPolice Officer 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandPolice Officer 
Murder Over New YorkSecond Mechanic           

Bud Geary


GEMORA, Charles (August 15, 1903; Philippines - August 19, 1961; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the CircusCaesar the Ape


GEORGE, John (January 21, 1898; Aleppo, Syria - August 25, 1968; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in EgyptAli
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessVictor the Gyp            

John George


GERALD, Helen (Born: August 13, [ca. 1925]; New York, New York)
The TrapRuby

Helen Gerald


GERAY, Steve (Steven Geray) (November 10, 1904; Ungvar, Austria-Hungary - December 26, 1973; Los Angeles, California) 
Castle in the DesertDr. Retling 

Steve Geray


GIERE, Helen (1900 - 1996; USA) 
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness


GODFREY, Samuel T. (October 5, 1891; Brooklyn, New York - April 18, 1935; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Cashier


GOLDSWORTHY, John (April 28, 1884; London, England - July 10, 1958; Los Angeles, California)
The Shanghai CobraManwaring

John Goldsworthy


GOMEZ, Augie (August 10, 1889; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 1, 1966; Los Angeles, California) 
The Red DragonCab Driver

Augie Gomez


GOODWIN, Harold (December 1, 1902; Peoria, Illinois - July 12, 1987; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandAirline Steward
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumEdwards 
Charlie Chan in PanamaMilitary Police Officer 

Harold Goodwin


GORDON, C. Henry (June 17, 1883; New York, New York - December 3, 1940; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan Carries On: John Ross
The Black Camel: Huntley Van Horn
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsArthur Hughes
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessPrefect of Police J. Romaine 
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumDr. Cream

C. Henry Gordon

C. Henry Gordon


GORDON, Mary (May 16, 1882; Glassgow, Scotland - August 23, 1963; Pasadena, California)
The Black Camel: Mrs. MacMasters
Charlie Chan in London: Prison Matron
Shadows Over ChinatownMrs. Conover             

Mary Gordon

Mary Gordon


GORDON, Richard (Dick Gordon) (June 21, 1893; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - September 20, 1956; Hollywood, California)
Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight: William Bonner

Richard Gordon


GORDON, Roy (January 15, 1896; Salt Lake City, Utah - October 12, 1978; Los Angeles, California)
The Shanghai CobraWalter Fletcher

Roy Gordon


GORSS, Sol (March 22, 1908; Cincinnati, Ohio - September 10, 1966; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in PanamaSoldier


GRACE, Meyer (July 26, 1903; Russia - July 18, 1978; Woodland Hills, California) 
Dark AlibiPunchy

Meyer Grace

Meyer Grace


GRANGER, Dorothy (November 21, 1912; New London, Ohio - January 4, 1995; Los Angeles, California)
The Jade MaskStella Graham
Shadows Over ChinatownJoan Mercer

Dorothy Granger

Dorothy Granger


GRANT, Helena (April 25, 1879; Shropshire, England - November 22, 1971; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in London: Mrs. Hudson


GRAVES, Robert (October 22, 1888; New York, New York - August 12, 1954; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Gendarme
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Gendarme


GREEN, Jack (Died: August 12, 1972, Orange California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track"Blackton" Man


GREENE, Harrison (January 18, 1884; Portland, Oregon - September 28, 1945; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Tourist


GREGORY, Stephen (Active in films and television from 1944 to 1966)
The Shanghai CobraSamuel Black

Stephen Gregory


GRIFFIES, Ethel (April 26, 1878; Sheffield, England - September 9, 1975; London, England) 
Dead Men TellMiss Patience Nodbury
Castle in the DesertMadame Saturnia (also called Lizzie)

Ethel Griffies

Ethel Griffies


GROVES, Jerry (Active in films from 1946 to 1960) 
Dangerous MoneyPolynesian


GUHL, George (September 27, 1875; St. Louis, Missouri - June 27, 1943; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan on BroadwaySmitty



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