The House on Punchbowl Hill


Complete Cast List


CADY, Frank (Born: September 16, 1915; Susanville, California - June 8, 2012; Wilsonville, Oregon)
The Sky DragonClerk


CANTOR, Herman (September 1894; Kentucky - October 12, 1953; Jersey City, New Jersey) 
The Golden EyeGang Member (?) 


CANSINO, Rita (Rita Hayworth) (October 17, 1918; Brooklyn, New York - May 14, 1987; New York, New York) 
Charlie Chan in EgyptNayda

Rita Cansino (Rita Hayworth)

Rita Cansino (Rita Hayworth)


CARDWELL, James (November 21, 1920; Camden, New Jersey - February 4, 1954; Hollywood, California) 
The Shanghai CobraNed Stewart

James Cardwell


CAREW, Arthur Edmund (December 30, 1884; Trapzon [Trebizond], Turkey - April 22, 1937; Santa Monica, California) 
Charlie Chan's SecretProfessor Alfred Bowen

Arthur Edmund Carew

Arthur Edmund Carew


CARLETON, William P. (October 3, 1872; London, England - April 6, 1947; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan's Chance


CARROLL, Leo (Leo G. Carroll) (October 25, 1992; Weedon, England - October 16, 1972; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessLouis Santelle
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseProfessor Gordon

Leo G. Carroll

Leo G. Carroll


CARSON, Kit (January 15, 1909; Texas - February 11, 1978; Abilene, Texas) 
Shadows Over ChinatownHotel Clerk 
Dangerous MoneySeaman           


CARTER, Ben (February 10 1911; Fairfield, Iowa - December 12, 1946; New York, New York) 
The Scarlet ClueBen Carter
Dark AlibiBen Carter           

Ben Carter

Ben Carter


CARTER, Jack (c. 1902 - November 9, 1967)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Victor Jordan

Jack Carter


CASS, Maurice (October 12, 1884; Vilnius, Russian Empire [Lithuania] - June 8, 1954; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan at the OperaMr. Arnold

Maurice Cass


CAVAN, Allan (March 25, 1880; Concord, California - January 19, 1941; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayDoorman


CAVENDER, Glen (September 19, 1883; Tucson, Arizona - February 9, 1962; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsBerlin Police Radio Car Officer 


CECIL, Ed (September 13, 1879; San Francisco, California - December 13, 1940; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Customs Officer


CHABING (Active in films from 1946 to 1951) 
The Chinese RingLilly Mae Wong
The Shanghai ChestReceptionist           



CHAN, Frances (Born: March 10, 1925; Los Angeles, California - March 14, 2004; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case: Number Three Chan Daughter 
Black Magic/Meeting at MidnightFrances Chan 

Frances Chan


CHAN, George (January 18, 1876; China - September 30, 1957; Los Angeles, California) 
Shadows Over Chinatown


CHAN, Luke (April 16, 1896; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - September 30, 1983; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Reporter
The Chinese Cat: Wu Song           

Luke Chan


CHAN, Spencer (March 28, 1892; Los Angeles, California - January 9, 1988; Los Angeles, California) 
The Chinese RingChinese Officer

Spencer Chan


CHANDLER, Eddie (See: CHANDLER, Eddy) 


CHANDLER, Eddy (March 12, 1894; Wilton Junction, Iowa - March 23, 1948; Los Angeles, California)
Murder Over New YorkPoliceman
Charlie Chan in the Secret ServiceLewis           

Eddy Chandler


CHANDLER, George (June 30, 1898; Waukegan, Illinois - June 10, 1985; Panorama City, California)
Charlie Chan at the OlympicsShip's Radio Operator
Castle in the DesertBus Driver
The Chinese CatTaxicab Dispatcher
The Shanghai CobraJoe Nelson           

George Chandler

George Chandler


CHANDLER, Lane (June 4, 1899; Culbertson, Montana - September 14, 1972; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in PanamaOfficer at Powerhouse

Lane Chandler

Lane Chandler


CHANDLER, Tanis (Born: August 29, 1924; Nantes, France) 
Shadows Over ChinatownMary Conover (alias Mary McCoy)
The TrapAdelaide           

Tanis Chandler


CHANEY, Jr., Lon (February 10, 1906; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - July 12, 1973; San Clemente, California) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayDesk Clerk 
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessPierre           

Lon Chaney, Jr.


CHAPMAN, Marguerite (March 9, 1918; Chatham, New York - August 31, 1999; Burbank, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumMary Bolton 

Marguerite Chapman


CHEFE, Jack (April 1, 1894; Kiev, Russia - December 1, 1975; Los Angeles, California)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai: Reporter
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Audience Member           


CHERON, Andr (August 24, 1880; St. Germain en Laye, France - January 26, 1952; San Francisco, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloCroupier
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness           


CHERRILL, Virginia (April 12, 1908; Carthage, Illinois - November 14, 1996; Santa Barbara, California) 
Charlie Chan's Greatest Case: Barbara Winterslip


CHEVRER, Lita (May 27, 1908; Oakland, California - May 23, 2001; Palm Springs, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Chorus Girl


CHIVRA, Alexander (Alex Chivra) (Active in films from 1933 to 1944)
Charlie Chan's Courage: Stand-in for Warner Oland
Charlie Chan in Paris: Stand-in for Warner Oland           

Alexander Chivas


CHUCK, Kenneth (December 19, 1935; Los Angeles, California - August 16, 2009; Stockton, California) 
The Chinese RingChinese Boy

Kenneth Chuck


CHURCHILL, Marguerite (December 25, 1910; Kansas City, Missouri - January 9, 2000; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) 
Charlie Chan Carries On: Pamela Potter

Marguerite Churchill

Marguerite Churchill


CLARK, Cliff (June 10, 1889; New York, New York - February 8, 1953; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan's Murder CruiseLieutenant Wilson 

Cliff Clark


CLARK, Davidson (January 15, 1881; Fresno, California - November 4, 1972; Ventura, California) 
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service: Sgt. Billings

Davidson Clark


CLARK, Harvey (October 4, 1885; Chelsea, Massachusetts - July 19, 1938; Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan's Courage: Professor Gamble

Harvey Clark


CLARK, Richard (Richard Clarke) (Active in films from 1934 to 1946) 
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness: Tony Madero

Richard Clark


CLAYTON, Arthur (January 29, 1902; London, England - February 19, 1955; New Brighton, England) 
Charlie Chan in London: Warden


CLIFFORD, Jack (October 17, 1880; Genoa, Italy - November 10, 1956; New York, New York) 
Charlie Chan on BroadwayDetective 


CLIVE, E.E. (August 28, 1879; Monmouthshire, Wales - June 6, 1940; North Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in London: Detective Sargeant Thacker

E.E. Clive


COBB, Edmund (June 23, 1892; Albuquerque, New Mexico - August 15, 1974; Woodland Hills, California) 
The Golden EyeMiner


COBB, Geraldine (Active in films 1948 to 1951)
The Golden EyeGirl in Riding Clothes


CODEE, Ann (March 5, 1890; Antwerp, Belgium - May 18, 1961; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness: Complainant at Police Headquarters
Charlie Chan in Rio: Margo           

Ann Codee


COFFIN, Tristam (August 13, 1909; Mammoth, Utah - March 26, 1990; Santa Monica, California)
Dangerous Money: Scott Pearson
The Shanghai Chest: Ed Seward

Tristam Coffin


COGHLAN, Jr., Frank (March 15, 1916; New Haven, Connecticut - September 7, 2009; Saugus, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Eddie Brill
Murder Over New York: Frankie O'Shaunessy

Frank Coghlan, Jr


COKE, Eddie (Edward Coke) (September 29, 1913; Tulsa, Oklahoma - November 16, 1985; Arvada, Colorado) 
The Shanghai ChestThomas Cartwright 

Eddie Coke


COLLINS, Eddie (January 30, 1883; Atlantic City, New Jersey - September 2, 1940; Arcadia, California) 
Charlie Chan in HonoluluAl Hogan
Charlie Chan in RenoCab Driver           

Eddie Collins


COMPTON, Joyce (January 27, 1907; Lexington, Kentucky - October 13, 1997; Los Angeles, California) 
Dark AlibiEmily Evans


CONKLIN, Heinie (July 16, 1880; San Francisco, California - July 30, 1959; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan in RenoPolice Officer
Charlie Chan at Treasure IslandFirst Taxicab Driver           

Heinie Conklin


CONLIN, Jimmy (October 14, 1884; Camden, New Jersey - May 7, 1962; Encino, California) 
Charlie Chan at the Wax MuseumTour Guide 


CONRAD, Paul (Active in films and television from 1942 to 1961) 
Docks of New OrleansMan from D.A.'s Office


CONROY, Frank (October 14, 1890; Derby, England - February 24, 1964; Paramus, New Jersey) 
Charlie Chan in EgyptProfessor John Thurston
Charlie Chan at the OperaMr. Whitely             

Frank Conroy

Frank Conroy


CONTI, Albert (January 29, 1887; Trieste, Austria-Hungary - January 18, 1967, Hollywood, California) 
Charlie Chan in City in DarknessManager


CONWAY, Morgan (March 16, 1903; Newark, New Jersey - November 16, 1981; Livingston, New Jersey) 
Charlie Chan in RenoGeorge Bently

Morgan Conway


COOPER, Melville (October 15, 1896; Birmingham, England - November 17, 1973; Woodland Hills, California) 
Murder Over New YorkHerbert Fenton

Melville Cooper


CORDAY, Marcelle (January 8, 1890; Brussels, Belgium - June 25, 1971; Newport Beach, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloConcierge

Marcelle Corday


CORDING, Harry (April 26, 1891; Wellington, England - September 1, 1954; Sun Valley, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Gendarme


CORDOVA, Fred (Active in films from 1937 to 1949) 
The Feathered SerpentFelipe


CORRADO, Gino (February 9, 1893; Florence, Italy - December 23, 1982; Woodland Hills, California) 
Charlie Chan in Paris: Head Waiter Pierre
Charlie Chan in City in Darkness: Cafe Owner           

Gino Corrado


CORTEZ, Ricardo (September 19, 1899; Vienna, Austria - April 28, 1977; New York, New York) 
Charlie Chan in RenoDr. Ainsley
Murder Over New YorkGeorge Kirby

Ricardo Cortez


COSTELLO, Don (September 5, 1901; New Orleans, Louisiana - October 24, 1945; Hollywood, California)
The Red DragonCharles Masack

Don Costello


COUGHLIN, Philis (Phyllis Coghlan) (December 1, 1895; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - September 1980; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan in London: Nurse


COX, Aileen Babs (Babs Cox) (Active in films 1948 to 1954)
The Golden EyeBathing Girl


CRAIG, Catherine (January 18, 1915; Bloomingham, Indiana - January 14, 2004; Santa Barbara, California) 
Murder Over New York: Stewardess

Catherine Craig


CREHAN, Joseph (July 15, 1883; Baltimore, Maryland - April 15, 1966; Hollywood, California) 
Black Magic/Meeting at MidnightSergeant Matthews 
Dangerous MoneyCaptain Black

Joseph Crehan

Joseph Crehan


CRIPPS, Kernan (July 8, 1886; New Haven, Connecticut - August 12, 1953; Los Angeles, California) 
The Scarlet ClueDetective

Kernan Cripps


CROSMAN, Henrietta (September 2, 1861; Wheeling, West Virginia - October 31, 1944; Pelham Manor, New York) 
Charlie Chan's SecretHenrietta Lowell 

Henrietta Crosman


CURCI, Gennaro (September 19, 1888; Treia, Italy - April 13, 1955; Los Angeles, California) 
Charlie Chan at Monte CarloWaiter 


CURRAN, Thomas A. (May 28, 1879; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - January 24, 1941; Hollywood, California)
Charlie Chan's Chance


CURRIE, Louise (April 7, 1913; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - September 8, 1913; Santa Monica, California) 
The Chinese RingPeggy Cartwright

Louise Currie

Louise Currie


CURTIS, Bob (Active in films and television from 1948 to 1958)
The Sky DragonWatkins


CUSTER, Russell (September 16, 1915; Bethany City, Missouri - May 23, 1985; Los Angeles, California
Charlie Chan in PanamaSoldier



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